Case Studies

Taking ownership of our clients’ air quality obligations is one of our foundational principles. ALL4’s expertise, and relationships with state agencies navigate clients through the rules and regulations faced by various industries.  We invite you to review select case studies that span our service areas and our clients’ wide array of industries.
Environmental Justice Footprint Evaluation Clients Challenge:    
Industrial Wastewater NPDES Permit Renewal Clients Challenge: ALL4 assembled a team of water quality practitioners and specialists to navigate the NPDES permit renewal process, which included stormwater sampling, process water sampling, data collection and manipulation, regulatory communications, application preparation, draft permit review, and regulatory negotiations.
Corrective Action Implementation Clients Challenge: After assessing current conditions, ALL4 evaluated the site and developed a corrective action plan that allowed for stepwise remediation over several years.
RCRA Audit and Corrective Action Implementation Clients Challenge: ALL4 worked with the facility to evaluate hazardous materials/waste handling procedures to minimize the workers’ need to “walk waste” to a central location, relocate and co-locate accumulation areas, and maintain safe working conditions.
EPCRA Reporting Clients Challenge: ALL4 evaluated TRI submittals over the prior three years and among facilities to determine (1) if there were calculation errors, or (2) if one of the facilities was using a wrong emission factor.
Evaluating Process Hazards Clients Challenge: ALL4’s approach was to immerse our dedicated project team into the facility’s and laboratory’s systems and procedures and work with every employee tasked with receiving, handling, or transporting the new drug substance.
Improving Flare Operation and Compliance Clients Challenge: ALL4 identified then enrolled the stakeholders that would be impacted by the project.  The stakeholders for this project included a third-party DAHS vendor and a multitude of refinery personnel from the Environmental, Instrumentation, Process Controls, Operations, and Information Technology (IT) […]
Permitting a Greenfield Combined Cycle Natural Gas Power Plant Clients Challenge: ALL4 developed an emissions inventory that included proposed operating scenarios and emissions limits which resulted in the facility only triggering NNSR for NOX and VOC and triggering PSD review for carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter less than 10 microns (PM10), […]
Solving a Complex Air Permitting Issue using a Flexible Permit Clients Challenge: ALL4 led several meetings with the client and the air quality permitting staff at the state to explain why the projects were not economically or technically related and therefore should not be aggregated.  As part of those conversations, the state […]
Restarting and Repurposing a Major Manufacturing Facility Clients Challenge: ALL4 had a history of working with the previous owner of the idled facility and was able to step in and essentially take over managing all aspects of air compliance for the site.  From initial meetings with the new owners […]


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