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ALL4’s RegTech Group (RegTech) establishes, maintains, grows, and shares the company’s knowledge base while facilitating ongoing learning throughout ALL4.  As consultants, knowledge and people are our primary resources and RegTech is tasked with ensuring that both are “ahead of the curve.”  Establishing knowledge requires a forward-looking approach to identify and evaluate regulatory and technical trends – essentially looking at future client obligations and ensuring that ALL4 is equipped with the expertise to address evolving regulatory approaches and policies.  Maintaining knowledge requires a comprehensive and robust training program for our technical staff.  If we are not learning and growing, we are falling behind.  Growing knowledge requires strict attention to and comprehension of evolving regulatory programs and the advancement of monitoring and compliance approaches and technology.  Sharing our collective knowledge requires an effective means to share with our staff, clients, prospects, regulatory agencies, and even competitors.  We disseminate our knowledge through internal training, external training4 The Record articlespresentationswebinars, podcast episodes, professional development, and social media.

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There are three functional areas within RegTech that provide a formal structure to establish, manage, grow, and share our collective corporate-wide knowledge base, oversee the application of our knowledge to all client service activities, and to ensure the continued growth, professional development, and ongoing learning of our company through planning, sales, advocacy, and marketing support.

Regulatory Tracking and Technical Information

RegTech tracks regulatory and technical information and disseminates it both within and outside of ALL4. Communications include timely, company-wide notices and summaries of relevant regulatory and technical developments as they occur, and provide a more detailed update to company personnel as part of a monthly “deep dive” webinar.  RegTech also organizes regulatory and technical information in ALL4’s eLibrary and supports select business development and marketing initiatives.  Team members regularly contribute to blogs, articles, podcasts, and webinars.

Technical and Regulatory Training

ALL4’s technical leadership team is responsible for determining appropriate and necessary internal technical training programs for the technical development of ALL4 staff and for coordinating the development of external training programs.  ALL4 invests significant resources in our internal training programs because training is a critical component of our success in supporting our clients’ needs and ensuring our ability to maintain long-term client relationships.  ALL4 training programs are continually evolving to reflect current regulatory trends and technical needs and are tailored to address both internal and external requirements.  We regularly present our Air Quality 101 (AQ101) training series to clients, regulators, and staff and continue to develop and present both internal and external training on both traditional and emerging regulatory topics.

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ALL4’s technical leadership team is responsible for identifying and tracking mid-and long term regulatory, policy, and technical issues that may impact our clients, prospective clients, and our business. The technical leadership team provides guidance to ALL4 management to help plan for growth opportunities associated with pending regulatory and technical developments and identifies staff to lead technical drivers annually or as needed.  Identifying emerging technical and regulatory issues and preparing to address them in advance facilitates the growth of our knowledge base, thereby increasing our value to our existing and prospective clients.

RegTech is a major component of our organization that strengthens our service capabilities, aids and encourages our staff growth, provides real value to our partners and clients, and gives ALL4 a unique advantage over competing organizations that provide similar consulting services. As lifelong learners, the RegTech Group is dedicated to spreading knowledge, growth opportunities, and expertise throughout ALL4.

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