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Frequently asked questions about what makes working at ALL4 unique

What does an environmental consultant do?

Environmental consultants either work for, or are hired by, commercial or governmental organizations to assist in a number of areas where environmental concerns exist, and where there are government legislation and regulations that have to be met. This can include any planning stages of land development, or as part of an audit process, where a number of environmental assessments such as air quality impacts, land and environmental management, waste management and measuring contamination of land and water have to be made.

The actual tasks performed on the job include a mixture of scientific data collection, auditing and analysis, reporting results and findings, presenting results to regulatory agencies and the general public, and negotiating on behalf of clients with regulatory agencies.  Environmental consultants also may organize or take part in field surveys at the beginning of a consultation period, and can be required to continually keep up to date with environmental laws and regulations and scientific findings and data. Our knowledge is our expertise and consulting firms generate revenue by billing time to projects.  At ALL4, each employee owns and manages their utilization targets.

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What makes air quality consulting different or unique?

The air quality rules and regulations are typically more complex than those for other media. The process it takes to obtain a permit for new sources of emissions or for changes at existing sources of emissions is much more lengthy and detailed. An air quality permit application may be several hundred pages long and may include analysis of the need for air pollution control equipment, the expected emissions impacts, ambient air dispersion impacts, a review of the applicable regulations and their specific requirements, and proposed methods for demonstrating compliance.

A variety of air regulations also may apply to just a single source of air emissions such as a refinery, chemical plant, power plant, just to name a few of the more common and large sources of air emissions. These regulations require the sources to address a wide variety of compliance related issues that affect their day to day operations. Some of the issues we help our clients with include reporting, monitoring emissions, recordkeeping systems, training, compliance assessment, etc.

This does not sound like something they taught me in college, how will I learn how to be a consultant?

At ALL4 we coach our entry level engineers and scientists both through on the job training, in-house training, and through external courses. We have a mentor program to teach the culture of the company and to acclimate you to the business world and the company in particular. We have an Air Quality training (AQ101) program to teach you the key areas that you will need to have proficiency to excel in our company. This course includes a role-playing session using a model project where you will “present” the project to a “client” and then represent the client in front of a “regulatory agency”. Air Quality 201 (AQ201) is a follow-up to AQ101 which is geared to provide training on more complex air quality compliance and permitting issues. We provide a Consulting 101 session to teach you about the consulting business and present our business model. We also provide a variety of professional development training opportunities such as Project Management, Public Speaking, and Technical Writing.

I am an engineer, how does my degree match up to the type of work you do?

While most applicants haven’t had any specific air quality coursework in school, they do possess the mathematical, problem-solving, and analytical skills applicable to our work. We have found mechanical and chemical engineer hires have a basic understanding of the types of manufacturing processes that we encounter. We look for well-rounded individuals with strong attention to detail, as well as organizational, communication, and technical writing skills.

Who would I work for?

Several different people. We utilize a matrix-type organizational structure which means that you may frequently be “working for” someone different. Project managers oversee all facets of the project work so you may be executing projects for one or more project managers at any given time. You will have a coordinator responsible for advocating for you and guiding your career growth.  The coordinator relies on feedback from within the company to frame your personal guide for success.

What does success look like for someone 2 years out of college?

They will have completed their AQ101 training and progressed to a Project Engineer or Project Scientist position. They will have worked on a variety of different projects and will have learned the basics of the consulting business. At this point, they are “in demand” internally by the project managers because of the value they bring to the team. They may have conducted several different client/site visits and/or have had the opportunity to work directly with some of our key clients. They will have embraced our core values and become known throughout the organization as someone who is dependable and produces quality work products.

Will you pay for continuing education?

Yes, full-time employees are eligible for our Tuition Reimbursement program.

Will you pay for me to get my PE? If I get my PE, is there any additional compensation?

Yes and yes!

What makes ALL4 unique?

  • Culture: The company’s culture remains a key element in retaining employees and attracting new hires to the organization. The tendency is to equate culture to organizational perks offered to employees, but at ALL4 culture is best represented by the connection that each of us has with our coworkers and the ability to be authentic, supportive, creative, and influential regardless of position or tenure within the organization. There is genuine care amongst colleagues here at ALL4 and we operate under the premise of wanting to make one another other succeed professionally and personally.
  • Access to Leadership: New employees are often surprised at their access to leadership and having their voice heard throughout all levels of the organization. Whether it’s expressing concerns, ideas, or praise ALL4 has created “open door” access to every staff member whether just hired or the CEO.
  • Ability to “Chart Your Path”: ALL4 encourages employees to “chart their own path” when it comes to their career trajectory and affords them flexibility in how this is executed. While training and mentoring are offered, employees are emboldened to direct their own careers and create new value to the organization instead of following an inflexible, prescribed path.
  • Embracing Feedback/Growth: ALL4 eschews the traditional forms of performance reviews and embraces a coaching management philosophy that relies on real-time feedback across the organization. We recruit and hire smart, highly motivated people that align with our “Core4” values of Ownership, Accountability, Authenticity, and Culture. As such, we follow a philosophy of continuous improvement through feedback and coaching which is provided on a regular basis. In its most basic form, coaching is conversations that prompt self-discovery and we encourage employees to find their own path toward achievement and success.
  • Pursuit of Excellence: ALL4 enjoys a casual work environment but there is nothing casual about our work product. Attention to detail, impeccable quality, and exceeding client expectations are the standards we cultivate. We also encourage employees to pursue technical and professional training offered both internally/externally, attend conferences and tradeshows, author technical papers, and take advantage of presentation opportunities.
  • Leadership Development: The expansion of leadership is a critical driver in growing our business and as a result ALL4 has many programs in place to grow leaders from within. We are a growing, entrepreneurial company with people as our product. Mentor relationships and formal programs such as the Leadership Roundtable are just two examples of how ALL4 invests in the next generation of ALL4 leaders.

What does a typical workday at ALL4 look like?

We are a service based business and we do most of our work on a computer at a desk. We have a relaxed work environment and culture; however, the consulting business can be unpredictable. We cannot always control when our clients will have emergencies or needs and our reputation has been built on our ability to be flexible and responsive. Our core office hours are 8AM to 5PM and typically tech staff employees are in the office 90% of the time or more depending on client needs.

What are ALL4’s plan for growth?

Since our founding in 2002, ALL4 has a tradition of growth. We are an entrepreneurial company and continually evaluate options for other strategic offices and client-valued service areas.

Can I make a difference at ALL4?

Absolutely! Everyone makes a difference here the minute they walk through the door. We are big enough to be a solid, stable company with extraordinary benefits, yet small enough that every employee’s contribution makes a difference to our clients and our future.

I want to live in a different part of the country than where I went to school or at least travel frequently. Is this possible?

ALL4 has multiple regional offices in a variety of regions across the country. Being part of the ALL4 Flex program is a choice that you will make during the interview process and may be a candidate differentiator. Our ALL4 Flex program offers an opportunity to experience a new geographical region while supporting our growth intention.
Highlights of the program are as follows:

  • Assigned office location. Signing up for ALL4 Flex means you are willing to start at any office location, based on ALL4’s needs.
  • Possibility of expanded responsibility. As part of a regional office with fewer employees, you may have more opportunities to contribute to “other” areas of the business (such as new business development or recruiting, for example).
  • Possibility of accelerated promotion. In a Regional Office, as you may be exposed to more professional development opportunities that allow you to accelerate your career.

During the application process, you have the ability to indicate your preference for the Flex program or for a specific office location.

We don’t travel routinely as most companies we work with have utilized conference calling services and the internet to control costs; however, there are travel opportunities that arise, typically to client sites, trade shows, training, and conferences.


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ALL4 is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin, or protected veteran status and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.


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