Continuous Monitoring Systems Training

Continuous Monitoring Systems Training

Continuous Monitoring Systems Training Course ALL4

ALL4 recognizes that we live in an on-demand world that requires on-demand solutions.  To meet the on-demand training needs of our clients, ALL4 proudly offers Continuous Monitoring Systems (CMS) training solutions.

Foundations in Continuous Monitoring Systems Training solution provides users immediate access to self-paced prerecorded digital media that can be watched and re-watched throughout the duration of the subscription.

Foundations in Continuous Monitoring Systems Training

Our premier CMS training program is prerecorded and entirely web based!  Access to the training is easy, immediate and available 24-hours a day during your subscription.

A few of the benefits our clients shared about the program being a web based annual subscription include solutions to:

  • Staff turnover and onboarding
  • Environmental management system requirements
  • Continuing education/professional development certificates
  • Referenceable material that personnel can go back to when completing job responsibilities, delegation, and providing on the job training
  • Saves time, money and eliminates stress by removing travel expenses and time away from work

To see a preview of our Foundations in CMS or learn more about our learning management platform, please watch the short video provided:

Overview of Foundations in CMS

Foundations in Continuous Monitoring Systems Training is a modular program that provides solution to the most common CMS training needs requested by our clients. The target audience includes: technicians, operations, environmental, and management personnel.  The modular format allows users to pick and choose the elements they want to watch and re-watch.

Module 102 [17 minutes]: Overall Objectives and Resources of a Successful CMS Program

Looks at the typical roles and responsibilities environmental personnel, instrumentation technicians, operators and management play within a successful CMS program.

Module 111 [18 minutes]: CMS Hardware & Software

Provides a general overview of the different types of CMS, including hardware and software.

Module 121 [18 minutes]: Initial Certification Activities

Reviews requirements needed to certify a CMS after installation.  Review includes an overview of 40 CFR Part 60, Appendix B and “best practice” for initial certification activities.

Module 131 [27 minutes]: Ongoing Quality Assurance Activities

Reviews the how, the why, and the when daily, quarterly, and annual quality assurance and quality control activities and required to be performed on your CMS.

Module 132 [23 minutes]: Impact of QA Activities on Data Validity

Reviews concepts relating to how CMS generate valid hourly averages.  Discusses how quality assurance and quality control activities impact the monitored data and what this means for compliance demonstrations.

Module 141 [13 minutes]: Data Validation and Reconciliation

Provides an overview of the data reconciliation processes used for compliance reporting. Discusses subjectivity of monitoring, events that invalidate data, and “suspect” data.

Module 142 [26 minutes]: Reporting of Continuous Monitoring Systems (CMS) Data

Looks at reporting requirements for CMS downtime and excess emissions.  Discusses what CMS downtime and excess emissions periods are, how they are classified, and how reports for these periods should be prepared.

Module 151 [19 minutes]: Demonstrating Compliance Using CMS

Outlines the steps needed to determine compliance using CMS.  Defines the components of an emissions standard, discusses nuances of building averages for compliance, and describes averaging period validation.

A Certificate of Completion is provided when all modules are completed.  Participants in ALL4’s Foundations in CMS sessions are responsible for determining that the Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) can be applied for their specific professional development requirements.


Cost: $150

Registration is per user and allows access to the modules for 30 days

ALL4’s Tech Team Leader – CMS

Meghan BarberProject Manager Meghan Barber





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