Waste Compliance, Auditing & Reporting Services

Waste Solutions

ALL4’s waste practitioners have extensive expertise across a wide range of sites and state and federal programs.  Each site is unique and ALL4 takes this into account when developing permitting applications, plans, or corrective action.  ALL4 has a team of experts that can provide a comprehensive audit and recommend solutions to your everyday issues.

Why use a Consultant for Waste Services?

The RCRA program can be difficult to navigate with its multitude of U.S EPA interpretations that have been made over the last 40 years.  Whether you are the generator of solid or hazardous waste or the facility recycling or disposing of the waste, some issues require the “deep dive” into the regulations and policies on the federal, state, and local level that your staff may not have time to complete.  Third party audits allow for your team to see areas for improvement and potential areas of non-compliance.

ALL4’s Waste Services

  • RCRA Generator Compliance, Auditing, and Reporting
  • RCRA TSDF permitting (RCRA Part B)
  • CERCLA Consulting
  • Corrective Action
  • Solid Waste Landfill Permitting
  • Waste Minimization

Why Use ALL4?

We have a team of technical staff with over 30 years of experience to assist you in solid waste and RCRA TSDF permitting. ALL4 has conducted multiple RCRA generator compliance audits across multiple industries. We routinely provide reporting services and consulting on implications to changes in your process. Our investigation and remediation team can provide assistance with Corrective Action and Closure of RCRA sites that meet your specific needs.

Our technical staff maintain professional competency by attending and presenting at technical conferences, publishing technical articles, and lecturing at the graduate university level.  We also actively participate in local and national associations in which our clients are members so that we understand their perspectives and can provide meaningful contributions to regulatory and policy advocacy efforts.  Our clients are our priority and we take ownership when supporting them to achieve their goals.  ALL4 can help you take your project from auditing to permitting to closure.  ALL4 will partner with you to determine a course of action that is aligned with your goals.

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