Core Values

ALL4’s Core Values

At ALL4, we pride ourselves on being a values-driven organization. This isn’t just marketing talk — we adhere to a set of principles and ethics that inform everything we do. To understand how that translates to a better experience for your business, we need to look closely at what those principles mean.


Ownership refers to the fact that each of our team members has the best interests of our clients at heart all the time. We treat the people we work with as if their success is directly correlated with ours because, in a sense, it is. By encouraging everyone on our team to take ownership of the projects they work on, we enable greater engagement and ultimately better results.

For our customers, this principle means you can count on ALL4 to steer you in the right direction on any matter related to environmental, health, and safety management.


The unfortunate truth in our industry is that occasionally, what our clients want to hear and what they need to hear aren’t always the same thing. Many environmental consultants will paint a rosy picture at the beginning of a project, only to lead to disappointment and frustration later.

At ALL4, our goal is to turn environmental management from a liability to an asset. However, doing so can require changes that aren’t always pleasant. Committing to authenticity means transparency and honest communication with the people we serve.


Working at ALL4 means committing to our values-driven culture and emphasis on continuous improvement. We encourage our staff to pursue ongoing professional development through both internal coaching and external training. By creating a positive, supportive atmosphere in our offices, we encourage employees to provide our clients with similar experiences. Our culture translates into a very stable workforce, providing consistency, continuity, and quality for our clients.


Accountability is the foundation for our work, and how we build trust with those we work with, including colleagues, clients, and regulatory agencies. Certain work products are stamped with our quality seal, which means it’s been reviewed by a certified ALL4 Quality Professional (AQP) and meets our standards for accuracy. Moreover, ALL4 staff members at all levels understand the importance and objectives of the quality assurance (QA) process and take ownership of their specific role in it.

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As a nationally recognized environmental consulting firm, ALL4 provides clients with a range of services related to EHS management. Our best-in-class work environment allows us to make the most out of our staff and, as a result, deliver optimal results for our clients. If you’d like to see our values in action, get in touch today to  request a consultation.


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