EHS Team Extension Services

Environmental, Health, and Safety Team Extension Services (On-Site/Remote Support)

ALL4 understands that our clients face the challenge of environmental, health, and safety (EHS) staffing.  ALL4 offers our EHS Team Extension service to address these challenges.

Why use ALL4 for on-site/remote support?

  • It’s an extremely competitive hiring market for EHS professionals (e.g., air, water, waste, multimedia, H&S, ESG, digital) at both the facility and corporate level.
  • Capital projects are consuming all or much of your EHS staff’s time.
  • You have staffing needs resulting from retirement, medical leave, promotion, etc.
  • Other projects (e.g., digital solution implementation, new rule/consent decree implementation/compliance, turnaround/maintenance) are utilizing your existing staff.

How does ALL4 on-site/remote support work?

Our team members can provide consistent and dedicated full-time support to your EHS team either on-site or working remotely.  This service is tailored to our client’s specific needs but in many cases can include:

  • A dedicated ALL4 staff member assigned to work as part of your EHS team – either embedded on-site, remotely, or a combination depending on your needs.
  • A Team Extension project plan that outlines the anticipated EHS tasks and priorities to occur over a pre-defined term (i.e., three months).
  • Access to a team of senior technical resources on a weekly basis to help address particularly complex issues.
  • Onboarding and training of staff members on your team.
  • On-demand completion of EHS tasks at the direction of the client’s designated point of contact.
  • Routine communication with the client’s point of contact so the focus remains on the client’s priorities.

About ALL4 Team Extension Consultants

ALL4’s team of consultants are experienced practitioners across the spectrum of EHS demands that can seamlessly integrate with your team.  Any ALL4 staff member that gets assigned as a dedicated EHS Team Extension resource brings the following that allows them to immediately contribute to your team:

  • They are trained and have completed ALL4’s internal EHS training sessions including Air Quality 101 and Introduction to EHS.
  • They will have access to senior technical resources that bring an added depth of industry-specific experience to the Team Extension engagement (including resources that have served as EHS Leaders for industrial facilities during their careers).
  • They are experienced in working on project teams that address EHS permitting and routine compliance activities.

ALL4’s Team Extension services fill critical needs within your EHS program so that you can focus on your big-picture EHS strategy and goals.  Our services can be customized to fit the needs of individual facilities or across your organization.  We encourage you to contact us for more information and to discuss how our EHS Team Extension services can allow you to meet your goals.


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