Case Studies

Taking ownership of our clients’ air quality obligations is one of our foundational principles. ALL4’s expertise, and relationships with state agencies navigate clients through the rules and regulations faced by various industries.  We invite you to review select case studies that span our service areas and our clients’ wide array of industries.
Technical Support to Industry Associations Clients Challenge: ALL4 has worked with several industry associations in reviewing and commenting on U.S. EPA work products such as regulatory proposals, draft guidance documents, draft reporting templates, and draft cost manual chapters.
Climate Change Adaptation Plans Clients Challenge: ALL4 was asked to develop climate change adaptation plans for six of the client’s facilities by reviewing past climatic and meteorological events that had impacted the business, reviewing the potential for an increase in those events in the future due […]
Process Controls for Flares Clients Challenge: ALL4 was asked to review a refinery’s compliance solution that incorporated process controls for flares subject to the monitoring requirements of 40 CFR Part 63, Subpart CC (MACT CC).
Preparation of Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Plan Clients Challenge: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) developed proposed revisions to 40 CFR Part 60, Subparts Ce and Ec that dramatically changed the process for developing emission limits
Multimedia Regulatory Compliance and Analysis Clients Challenge:  The Client has five (5) closed landfills in the state of New Jersey that are subject to a variety of regulations and are operating pursuant to different environmental permits. 
Overall Plant Air Quality/Environmental Support Clients Challenge: The client is comprised of six (6) lead acid battery manufacturing facilities, thirty-four (34) lead oxide production units, a secondary lead smelter, a plastic recovery facility, a sulfuric acid recovery facility, a plastic injection molding facility, and miscellaneous support operations.
Air Quality Regulatory Updates Clients Challenge: Providing air quality regulatory updates from a corporate level to 30 plus Mills to ensure a transfer of current knowledge and overall consistency in the company’s approach to air quality requirements.
Dispersion Modeling Analysis Clients Challenge: The client planned to make modifications to their Lime Kilns that included installing natural gas burners.
Air Toxics Screening Tool Clients Challenge: The client is a carpet manufacturing facility that operates several similar processing lines that apply finishes to the back of carpets.
Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Permit Application Clients Challenge: ALL4 was asked to assist the client’s Corporate and Mill staff with developing an air permitting strategy for major facility upgrades that were being planned.


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