Environmental Justice Footprint Evaluation

Environmental Justice Footprint Evaluation


Service Area:

Client's Challenge

With the rapidly developing focus on environmental justice (EJ) the client wanted to understand the potential for EJ concerns at each of their facilities. The goals of the evaluation included gaining a greater understanding of the communities around their sites, the EJ policies and programs in place at the state agency where the sites are located, and the accuracy of the publicly available data on various websites.

ALL4's Solution

ALL4 reviewed the EJ footprint of each of the client’s sites located in more than 15 states across the US. As part of that review, ALL4 :

  • Reviewed the federal EJ tools (EJSCREEN, CEJST, and others) to assess whether communities around each site might be considered overburdened. If the state where the site was located had its own EJ tool, that was reviewed as well.
  • Reviewed Envirofacts and the ECHO database for each facility to determine what emissions and enforcement information was publicly available and, if found to be inaccurate, took steps to correct it.
  • Reviewed the PurpleAir network of citizen monitors, as well as state records and local news for permitting activity nearby and any concerns that might have been raised because of the activity.
  • Evaluated each state where the sites were located for their EJ policies, rulemaking, permitting requirements and enhanced public outreach programs.
  • Drilled deep into the emissions or demographic data to gain a better understanding of the specific challenges that site may face, for specific sites.

The Results

The client now has a concrete understanding of the EJ footprint of each of their sites and is working to identify opportunities to engage the communities around them, educated and armed with detailed information about the demographics of each community. Additionally they have an understanding of the information about their sites that is publicly available and can review it for accuracy, making corrections as necessary, over time.


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