EHS Digital Solution Services

EHS Digital Solution Consultants

Our Digital Solutions practice is made up of technical staff at all levels, including nationally-known experts with decades of experience.  We have a blended team of subject matter experts and IT-focused staff who work seamlessly together to deliver pragmatic solutions to support your business processes.

Our experienced consultants are tracking and adopting emerging technologies and best practices continuously.  We specialize in solving challenges associated with harmonizing business practices across large multi-operating unit organizations, implementing enterprise-wide air quality emissions and environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance tracking, and effectively bringing different data streams together to support key performance indicator (KPI) tracking [including business, environmental, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ), sustainability, or other environmental, social, and governance (ESG)-related goals].  We can also help organizations with developing a digital strategy and execution plan including developing a road map, establishing the business case, and working through the vendor selection process.

Why use a Digital Solutions Consultant?

Achieving a strong degree of user adoption for a digital solution is a challenge.  It can be easy to over-engineer the solution when the design process focuses on recreating an existing tool or taking advantage of solution features that don’t add value to the client-specific work process.  ALL4’s experienced consultants help avoid these pitfalls, help select a solution that fits the need, and guide the process of gaining stakeholder acceptance of the solution.

ALL4 Digital Solutions Services

ALL4’s Digital Solutions services include the following:

Strategy & Planning

  • Digital roadmaps
  • Business cases
  • Vendor evaluation and selection
  • Project scoping
  • Project execution plans

Business Analysis & Requirements Definition

  • Evaluate current business process and define future state
  • Define technical and functional solution requirements


  • Review requirements and options for meeting best aligned with solution platform
  • Develop and document solution design
  • Traceability matrix to confirm design will address all requirements

Implementation & Integration

  • Hybrid agile delivery approach
  • Software configuration
  • Integration requirements definition (data mapping, technical requirements)
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) support
  • Training program support

Solution Population

  • Historical data migration
  • Review permits/plans/regulations/standards/goals to develop tasks
  • Audit protocols and inspection checklists
  • Completion of audits utilizing solution
  • KPI development and tracking strategy
  • Support complex data entry and reporting exercises
  • Provide tools to optimize data generation and import
  • Provide tools to support Extract Transform Load (ETL) processes for transferring data between systems
  • Automate data transfer via integration

Data Analytics & KPI Reporting

  • Business Intelligence (BI) reporting strategy and report and dashboard development
  • KPI strategy and report and dashboard development

Operations & Continuous Improvement

  • Operations and maintenance support
  • Change management support (new requirements, organizational change)
  • Solution optimization and enhancement support
  • Refresher/enhancement training

Why Use ALL4?

ALL4’s Digital Solutions consultants are known for delivering “fit-for-purpose” solutions that balance staying close to “out of the box” with accommodating any tailoring necessary to provide a positive user experience.  Our hybrid-agile delivery approach is structured to build stakeholder buy-in from day one and avoid significant gaps between expectations and reality being discovered at UAT and to support the development of in-house skillsets to independently maintain and evolve the system.  Of course, ALL4 is available to provide on-going support where desired, but we seek to avoid leaving anyone with a “black box.”

The foundation of this process is inclusion of business analysis techniques to explore and confirm shared understanding of solution requirements either as an initial project phase where re-engineering and/or harmonization of the business process is desired or during design where an effective business process is already established.  Our team is transparent about how requirements can be met (standard configuration, complex configuration, work-around, customization, etc.) and the best way to meet the requirement—we communicate with the team when design requests do not conform with best practices and could result in a poor user experience or a fragile/hard to maintain system.

Once a design is established, we provide the client access/visibility to the configured solution in sprints of related features and provide an opportunity to refine the design as needed to achieve a user-friendly experience.  Bringing the team along in this way provides for a high level of user adoption as it provides planned opportunities for feedback and optimization and reduces issues with training gaps resulting in a much smoother UAT.

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