Corrective Action Implementation

Corrective Action Implementation

Chemical Packaging

Service Area:
Investigation and Remediation

Client's Challenge

The facility closed in the early 1990s when the company was sold.  The liability of this site remained with the owner, who worked with several consultants to investigate the property to determine the extent of a spill that had occurred in the 1970s at the site.  Fast forward some years:  The original owner passed away and left the property in an estate to be managed.  Cash flow for the estate was limited to investments that were with the estate. His wishes were to pay for cleanup.  The site contained dense nonaqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) concentration levels of chlorinated solvents in the soil and groundwater.

ALL4's Solution

After assessing current conditions, ALL4 evaluated the site and developed a corrective action plan that allowed for stepwise remediation over several years.  The criteria evaluated included costs, effectiveness of the action, minimization or disturbance of the surface conditions, and ability for the property to continue to be used.

The Results

The estate was able to fund this large project and ALL4 staff have managed the implementation of the corrective action plan over a seven-year period.  During this time, a carbon-based slurry impregnated with iron and microbes has been injected during yearly field work.  Each year a separate portion of the site was reviewed for installation.  Because the program was spread over multiple years, it allowed ALL4 to evaluate and tweak the plan each year.   Recent data show total destruction of the chlorinated compounds.  The overall concentrations of the solvents in the groundwater have significantly reduced, in some wells exceeding 99%.


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