RCRA Audit and Corrective Action Implementation

RCRA Audit and Corrective Action Implementation


Service Area:
Waste Management

Client's Challenge

An inspection of the client’s facility by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) found multiple violations under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Generator Rules found in 40 CFR Parts 262 and 265, resulting in fines.  The client required ALL4’s assistance in evaluating their process and handling procedures to determine alternatives that would bring the facility into compliance with the regulations.

ALL4's Solution

ALL4 worked with the facility to evaluate hazardous materials/waste handling procedures to minimize the workers’ need to “walk waste” to a central location, relocate and co-locate accumulation areas, and maintain safe working conditions.  ALL4 evaluated waste streams and worked with the company to reduce waste streams through reuse/recycling.  ALL4 also assisted the facility in streamlining the hazardous waste inspections and documentation.   ALL4 performed an audit the following year to evaluate the success of the changes.

The Results

The client has continued to maintain compliance with applicable RCRA regulations and with the changes in processes has decreased the chances of potential spills and exposures.


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