Technical Support to Industry Associations

Technical Support to Industry Associations


Service Area:
Strategy and Advocacy

Client's Challenge

Prepare technical comments on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rulemakings and other work products that will result in improvements in clarity, flexibility, and burden.  Evaluate cost impacts of proposed and potential regulatory and policy actions.

ALL4's Solution

ALL4 has worked with several industry associations in reviewing and commenting on U.S. EPA work products such as regulatory proposals, draft guidance documents, draft reporting templates, and draft cost manual chapters.  We have also developed impacts analyses that frame pending and possible agency actions in terms of potential cost and burden to industry and help focus advocacy and research efforts on items that will have the most impact.  On each project, ALL4 works with groups of association members to discuss technical and implementation challenges relevant to the issue at hand and develops technical comments to explain the challenges to the agency and justify alternative approaches that reduce burden but still provide environmental protection.

The Results

ALL4 has collaborated with industry associations to effect positive changes to regulatory and policy actions.


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