Multimedia Regulatory Compliance and Analysis

Multimedia Regulatory Compliance and Analysis

Waste Management

Service Area:
Multimedia Regulatory Analysis

Client's Challenge

The Client has five (5) closed landfills in the state of New Jersey that are subject to a variety of regulations and are operating pursuant to different environmental permits.  As landfills that are closed, they represent a cost and liability, but do not provide any additional opportunities for revenue and/or profit.  As such, the Client’s goals are simply to (1) ensure compliance with environmental requirements, and (2) control costs and expenses at these sites.

ALL4's Solution

ALL4 works with the client and several other consultants to manage the environmental and operational challenges at each site.  While ALL4’s primary responsibility is to manage the air quality compliance requirements at each site, the variability in site control techniques, emission limits, and operating permit conditions necessitates our understanding of the full multimedia compliance issues in order to coordinate and communicate with the client and other consultants.  Ultimately, our responsibility is to ensure that each landfill is in compliance with their environmental permits.

The Results

ALL4 focuses on our core value of “being our client” and we manage the environmental compliance and reporting requirements of each landfill as if they are our own facilities.  ALL4 has continued to service these landfills since 2005 and operates with the client’s goals of ensuring compliance and controlling costs as our primary objectives.


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