Waste Not, Want Not – How To Best Manage Various Waste Streams In Your Data Centers

Waste Not, Want Not – How To Best Manage Various Waste Streams In Your Data Centers

Category: Webinar
Date: October 19th, 2022
Time: 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM Eastern Time

A recording of this webinar is now available. 


In this fifth webinar of our Data Center series, we will cover waste management best practices for data centers.  This session will present common waste streams, how to be in compliance with applicable storage, transport, and disposal requirements, and best practices. We will discuss the Resource Conservation Recovery Act, and the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) hazardous material storage, reporting and recordkeeping.

Main topics will include:

  • Common waste streams found in routine operations
  • Safe storage, transport and disposal practices
  • Best management practices (BMPs) for managing universal, hazardous, and electronic waste at data centers
  • Setting your data center up for success

Watch part 4


Data center professionals with design, construction, and operations roles.  Those with environmental recordkeeping and reporting responsibilities (e.g., corporate and site environmental staff, site management, environmental specialists, etc.) will particularly benefit. Construction managers, electrical contractors, generator manufacturers and vendor representatives will also find value to understand the regulatory burden on a facility once the construction phase is complete. Feel free to forward this invitation along to your colleagues.


Data centers are a relatively new and rapidly growing industry, and they spend a lot of money to build the perfect site to attract clients.  Once a well-designed and properly permitted data center is built, there are numerous environmental requirements with which facility personnel must comply.  A strong compliance program is key to being a good environmental steward and important to sustaining a desirable reputation in the marketplace.


Michelle Carter, Consulting Engineer // mcarter@all4inc.com // 571-222-6266

Heather Brinkerhoff, EHS Practice Director // hbrinkerhoff@all4inc.com // 703-568-6760


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