On-Site CMS Consulting

ALL4 understands that our clients’ CMS understanding often go deeper then what is provided in our Foundations in CMS course.  We also understand that these needs can vary greatly between industry types, facility specific requirements, and personnel responsibilities and experience.  To meet the complex needs of your facility, we left the content and format of this training completely open for you to decide.  The flexible format allows an ALL4 CMS professional to work in person with you at your facility or online via web-based meeting platform and to choose the audience (e.g., technicians, environmental, management) and topic(s) tailored to your site-specific equipment.  The flexibility also allows for a collaborative assessment option that includes a review of your CMS program elements (e.g., processes, procedures, plans).  These reviews are typically used to identify areas of unknown risk or potential program improvements.

Examples of what ALL4’s On-Site CMS Consulting can include:

  • CMS Program Gap Analysis
  • Evaluation of your Facility’s overall CMS program and related systems (e.g., plans and procedures).
  • Data Management Assessment
  • Evaluation of your Facility’s compliance approach and documentation for monitoring; installation and certification; quality assurance; and data validation, averaging, and calculation requirements.
  • QA/QC and Site-Specific Plans and Procedures
  • Evaluation of your Facility’s CMS plans and related procedures.
  • Facilitation of Coordination
  • Evaluation and identification of ways to streamline the data management process between Management, Environmental, Operations, and Instrumentation.
  • Live Onsite or Online Training
  • An ALL4 CMS professional provides answers to your Facility’s questions regarding CMS basics, advanced CMS topics, QA/QC, site-specific monitoring plan, ERT, CEDRI, NSPS and NESHAP (on-site, web based, and video options available – preparation and deliverable of hardcopy or electronic training materials are not included).

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