Refinery Sector

U.S. refineries continue to find themselves under ongoing scrutiny from Federal, State and Local regulators as well as environmental activists and the general public; amongst a challenging business environment. The recent promulgation of U.S. EPA’s Refinery Sector Rule (RSR) presents refinery environmental personnel with many challenges:  facing stricter emissions limits and reporting requirements, dealing with the burden of additional continuous monitoring and implementing a new passive ambient air monitoring program.  ALL4 understands that there may not be enough hours in the day to implement the RSR and make sure your Refinery is in compliance.

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Proposed Amendments to Refinery MACT 1 and MACT 2 Regulations (April 2018)
Refinery MACT I – Do You Really Know What Your DAHS is Doing? (June 2017)
What’s Being Reconsidered in the Refinery Sector Rule? (October 2016)
Coming Summer 2019: Benzene Fenceline Monitoring Data Available to the Public (July 2016)
Update: More “Clarifying” Proposed Amendments to Refinery Sector Rule (July 2016)
Refinery Sector Rule Update: Compliance Dates for Flares and What You Should be Doing Now (March 2016)
More “Clarifying” Proposed Amendments to Refinery Sector Rule (February 2016)
2016 Look Ahead – ALL4 Perspective (January 2016)

  • Benzene Fenceline Monitoring – The Next Phase of Monitoring and Public Transparency on Compliance
  • Refinery Sector Rule – Where Do I Start?

Updated: U.S. EPA Issues Long-Awaited Petroleum Refinery Rule Package (December 2015)
ERT and CEDRI: What the Heck Is It and How Does It Impact You? (December 2015)
Meteorological Monitoring Requirements of the Petroleum Refinery Rule (December 2015)
Finalized Refinery Rule – Flare Edition (November 2015)
Refinery MACT – Final Benzene Fenceline Monitoring Provisions (October 2015)
U.S. EPA Issues Long-Awaited Petroleum Refinery Rule Package (September 2015)
Upcoming Refinery Flare Requirements for 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart Ja (June 2015)
Update: U.S. EPA Proposes Overdue Refinery Air Rules (May 2015)
U.S. EPA Issues Final Flare Emission Factor Decision: NOx Emission Factor Unchanged (April 2015)
U.S. EPA Proposes Benzene Fenceline Monitoring for Refineries Amongst Other MACT and NSPS Changes (June 2014)
U.S. EPA Proposes Substantial Refinery Flare Operating and Monitoring Requirements (May 2014)


Benzene Fenceline Monitoring: An Introduction and What the Regulations Don’t Tell You (March 2016)
Curveball Problems for Your Benzene Fenceline Monitoring Program and How to Handle Them (February 2016)
U.S. EPA’s Electronic Reporting Tool and Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface: What the Requirements REALLY Mean for Petroleum Refineries? (February 2016)
The Petroleum Refinery Sector Rule: What’s all the fuss about and what are the key implications for Texas (January 2016)

Impacts of U.S. EPA Region 6 Guidance on CMS Downtime and Data Calculations presented by Eric Swisher at 4C HSE Conference, Austin, TX, February 6, 2019

Implementing a DAHS for Compliance with the Refinery Sector Rule presented by Eric Swisher at 4C HSE Conference, Austin, TX, February 6, 2019

Other Resources

ALL4 is a member of the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) and is an active member of the AFPM Environmental Committee.

Regulatory Resources

U.S. EPA’s Petroleum Refinery Rulemaking Repository
Final Refinery Sector Rule (Federal Register)
Proposed February 2016 Refinery Sector Rule Amendments (Federal Register)


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