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Meet Christina Lynch

Posted: June 1st, 2021

Authors: Christina L. 

Christina Lynch // Managing Consultant // Philadelphia Office

At the start of the year you transitioned back from parental leave, did you find yourself missing things on the work front?

I absolutely loved being home with my daughter but I did miss my routine communication with teams and clients. Many of my client relationships have been in place since I started my consulting career at ALL4 almost 10 years ago. Part of ALL4’s mission statement includes “becoming an extension of our client” and it is true. I’ve had the opportunity to experience a lot of my clients’ milestone moments both personally and professionally. My clients have also gotten a chance to experience a few of my person milestones over the last few years including marrying my husband Jason Lynch, countless planned and unplanned home renovation projects, and the birth of our daughter.

ALL4 and Samuel Adams (Boston Beer Company) will be co-hosting an upcoming webinar “Ask the Experts: Environmental Considerations for the Alcoholic Beverage Industry” on June 16th. As an environmental consultant what guidance do you have for beverage manufacturers to keep them in compliance?

I would encourage facilities to routinely check how the information used to make environmental decisions is gathered. I would also recommend the environmental team set up reoccurring meetings with the engineering and product development teams to ensure that changes, whether they are “big” or “small”, are being reviewed for environmental compliance impacts.

Ask the Experts: Environmental Considerations for the Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Speaking of Samuel Adams…what’s currently on tap at the Lynch household?

This time of the year we’re a big fans of Cold Snap White Ale or American Beauty Hazy Ripple IPA. Once the warmer weather hits you will find me sipping a gin and tonic with a cucumber! My go-to gin is Hendricks!

What aspect of the Managing Consultant role do you find the most rewarding?

Throughout my consulting career I’ve benefitted from having mentors who’ve supported me in charting my path toward a project management role at ALL4. Now it’s my turn to pay it forward as a mentor and transition some of my client relationships to newer Managing Consultants. This has afforded me an opportunity to focus on how ALL4’s expanded technical resources can further support my existing clients in keeping their facilities compliant.

Was there a particular role at ALL4 that was foundational in setting you up for success in your current role?

Hands down when I served in the Consulting Engineer (CE)/ Consulting Scientist (CS) role. In fact, it’s something that I’m extremely passionate about and currently serve as the CE/CS Coordinator for the Philadelphia region. The transition of working on projects as a Project Engineer to taking on the ownership of managing the work as a CE/CS is critical in a consultant’s career. There is a lot of professional and personal growth that occurs during this transformation and it is very rewarding for me to take part in that process.

Where have you found your engineering degree not serving you well?

Undisputedly, at anything arts and crafts related where you are given artistic freedom to paint or draw! My husband once took me to a ‘Paint Night’ and my painting was by far the worst one. I spent most of the night overanalyzing how and where to draw things and couldn’t enjoy the journey. I am definitely more of a paint by numbers type of person. I think similar minded engineers would enjoy a paint by numbers event where you had to solve a math problem in order to determine which color paint to apply to a canvas.

Favorite thing(s) in the world?

Without question my family. I’m very family-oriented so any time that I get to spend with my husband, daughter, and extended family is when I’m in my happy place!


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