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Meet Jenny Brown

Posted: May 19th, 2021

Authors: Jenny B. 

What drew you to consulting as a career?

Honestly as I look back on my career, it probably isn’t as much of what drew me to consulting as what has kept me in consulting. Right out of college the initial draw to consulting was being part of the solution for environmental issues. What has kept me in consulting long-term is having the ability to see and experience a process from start to finish….it’s like being on the Science Channel’s “How It’s Made” show. I get an opportunity to be on-site at a manufacturing facility firsthand seeing a production process. In addition, I get an opportunity to strategize and problem solve for clients while working on their behalf to keep them in compliance.

You’ve been at ALL4 <6 months – what has surprised you the most about the organization?

Hands down, the culture. A lot of organizations tout having a great culture, but ALL4 has delivered. What I experienced during the interview process has held true as an employee. I also feel very aligned with ALL4’s entrepreneurial spirit which has allowed me to utilize my creativity, while feeling supported by my colleagues. In my short tenure with the firm, I’m feeling very empowered by the collaborative environment.

What are your areas of expertise?

My areas of expertise predominantly consist of 1) Air Dispersion Modeling; 2) Capital Project Permitting; and 3) Air Compliance Reporting. Over the course of my career, I’ve had the benefit of utilizing these skillsets on both the consulting and industrial side of the aisle.

What technical and regulatory drivers have your attention right now?

The move toward digital transformation of environmental programs through creation of  tools that standardize and automate environmental regulatory obligations. Currently, I’m creating a tool that supports automating emissions inventory reporting, by validating emissions data and generating emissions data files that can be imported into a State’s reporting system, in lieu of manual data entry and tedious QA. I’m in the final phase of a test pilot and actively getting feedback to ensure that this tool not only meets a regulator’s expectations, but exceeds expectations.

It sounds like this reporting tool has the potential to make quite an impact, are you planning to host any events to educate the community on this new tool?

Yes, we have a blog and I’m throwing my name in the hat internally to co-host an upcoming podcast with Colin McCall. The goal is to roll this tool out and educate the community in order to support 2021 reporting requirements.

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Know that you’re an adventurer at heart and enjoy hiking…what is your most memorable trip?

Well I’m going to have to dust off the hiking cobwebs because more recently you’ll find me taking a ‘hike’ to pick up my daughter at preschool or an “adventure” is letting the kids skip nap time! On a more serious note, one of the most memorable hiking adventures that my husband and I embarked on was exploring the Grand Canyon. We camped while hiking down into the canyon (and back!) and got to be with nature and see some of the most amazing scenery for a week. When our children are older, we hope to recreate this adventure “Griswold family style”.


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