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Introducing ALL4 ASSERT | Digitally Transforming Annual Emissions Reporting

Posted: February 9th, 2021

Authors: Jenny B. 

What are your most valued time saving tools?  I love grocery pick-up and delivery.  My involvement consists of 10 minutes ordering in the mobile app.  If I use the pick-up option, I drive to the store and pop my trunk.  It is more than a timesaver because I avoid the impulse buys and purchase exactly what I need.

With convenience everywhere, many of us still manually enter annual emissions data into various state emissions inventory reporting systems.  This data entry occurs during peak environmental reporting season when we are spending half a month, in some cases more, documenting our environmental compliance and submitting reports.  Many state and local regulatory agencies offer an import option as an alternative to manual data entry and a robust IT department is not necessary to capitalize on the benefits.  ALL4 ASSERT (Automated State-Specific Emissions Reporting Tool) will allow your facility to take advantage of this option without significant changes to your current annual reporting workflow.  Select your state, and with one click, ALL4 ASSERT extracts data from your spreadsheet and produces files (e.g. CSV, XML, JSON) containing your emissions data that are compatible with your state’s emissions inventory reporting system.  The produced files may then be imported into your state’s system, such as the State and Local Emissions Inventory System (SLEIS), supported by numerous states across the country.  The import populates process and emissions data fields rendering tedious manual data entry and quality assurance a forgettable pastime.

As with grocery pick-up, ALL4 ASSERT is more than a timesaver and accomplishes the following:

  • Improvement of data integrity by promoting consistency and automating numerous state-specific data checks (validations) to find errors before the data are uploaded to the state’s system.
  • Promoting timely reporting and avoidance of penalties associated with late or erroneous data.
  • Inherent streamlined change management because the logic is in one location. The application is modularized and state-specific allowing for quick updates on a state-by-state basis.
  • Peace of mind with ALL4 maintaining the tool and providing training eliminating the security concerns that can come with a macro imbedded in a workbook and more commonly loss of institutional knowledge of imbedded macros with staff turnover.

There are two options available to take advantage of ALL4 ASSERT.

  1. Full-Service Emissions Inventory Preparation, Import File Generation, and Upload for Certification
  2. Subscription Service for Import File Generation and Upload for Certification


Learn more about ASSERT

ALL4 will provide training with both options.  ALL4 ASSERT is currently serving facilities in Arkansas and South Carolina which utilize SLEIS for annual emissions reporting.  In addition to the many states which utilize SLEIS, states including but not limited to Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Texas also offer bulk emissions upload options.  ALL4 is currently adding state compatibility to ALL4 ASSERT.  If you would like a demonstration or more information about our subscription service, please contact Jenny Brown at 678-293-9432 or jbrown@all4inc.com.


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