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Final Amendments to Petroleum Refinery New Source Performance Standards (40 CFR Part 60 Subpart Ja) Issued By U.S. EPA

Posted: June 5th, 2012

Author: All4 Staff 

On June 1, 2012, U.S. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson signed a notice issuing final amendments for 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart Ja, Standards of Performance for Petroleum Refineries for Which Construction, Reconstruction, or Modification Commenced After May 14, 2007.  Specifically, these amendments lift the September 2008 stay of effectiveness of the process heater and flare requirements of the standard.  For process heaters, a concentration-based emission limit for nitrogen oxides (NOX) and a heating value-based emission limit for NOX have been established.  A site specific compliance option for process heaters that have difficulty meeting the emission standards has also been established.  For flares, work practice standards and monitoring requirements that encourage flare gas recovery are identified.  For infrequently used flares, less burdensome monitoring requirements are included.

Besides several new definitions in §60.101a, other highlights of the final amendments include new provisions in §60.100a describing flare connections that are NOT considered modifications, thereby clarifying flare applicability.  The definition of fuel gas combustion device has also been modified to clarify that flares and facilities in which gases are combusted to produce sulfur or sulfuric acid are not fuel gas combustion devices. 

 U.S. EPA has submitted the amendments for publication in the Federal Register.  The final rule will become effective 60 days after publication.


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