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1-Hour SO2 NAAQS Implementation – What’s Next? John Egan of ALL4 Inc. explains the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) 1-Hour Standard for SO2. This presentation also includes implementation updates, experiences, impacts of permitting, and what we at ALL4 think is next!
Attainment With the New NAAQS and What You Need to Know About Air Dispersion Modeling Dan Dix presented at the Pennsylvania Chamber Environmental and Energy Conference & Trade Show about the basics of air dispersion modeling and what facilities can do to determine where they stand with the NAAQS.
1-Hour SO2 NAAQS Implementation Modeling Dan Dix presented at the 23rd Virginia Environmental Symposium about 1-Hour SO2 Implementation Modeling.  Dan’s presentation consisted of a summary of the NAAQS, an update on NAAQS implementation, NAAQS modeling demonstration approach, and a summary of ambient SO2 monitoring.
Major/Area Source Boiler MACT Rule Eric Swisher presented at the 23rd Virginia Environmental Symposium about the Major/Area Source Boiler MACT Rule.  The presentation covered the regulatory framework of the rule including emission limitations, compliance options, work practice standards, startup, shutdown, and malfunction, and provided a […]
Marcellus Shale Gas Air Quality Issues ALL4’s John Slade provided insight on air emissions and air permitting concerns associated with shale gas development operations at the AWMA’s “Environmental Aspects of Shale Gas Development” Conference.
Collection of In-Stack NO2/NOx Ratio Information Dan Dix was recently an invited guest at U.S. EPA’s 10th Conference of Air Quality Modeling where he presented on the “Collection of In-Stack NOX/NO2 Ratio Information.”  With the promulgation of the new 1-hour nitrogen dioxide (NO2) National Ambient Air Quality Standard […]
What YOU Need to Know About the 1-hour NAAQS Implementation Process ALL4 held a Webinar to explain the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) implementation updates, dispersion modeling basics and inputs and NAAQS modeling demonstration approach.
Update on Greenhouse Gas Rules Affecting the Lead Industry At the America’s Battery Recyclers (ABR) Spring Meeting in Longboat Key, FL, ALL4’s Neal Lebo discussed the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule amendments, confidential business information and the electronic reporting tool. He also explained the implementation of the Greenhouse Gas Tailoring […]
1-Hour NO2 NAAQS Air Quality Modeling ALL4’s Dan Dix discusses the 1-hour NO2 National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) which became effective on April 12, 2011 and the effect on Air Quality Modeling.
Strategic Air Planning: Is the time for a PAL here? ALL4’s John Egan presents about how air permitting factors into the strategic planning of future mill operations.  He discusses the concept of seeking and obtaining Plantwide Applicability Limit (PAL) permits as a possible integral part of future planning for mills.


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