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Dave Goldenberg

IT Help Desk

Building Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Office
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Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications, Penn State University

Career Highlights

Dave joined ALL4’s IT Help Desk in September of 2020. He has a wide range of experience, including overseeing networks, repairing PCs, producing videos, composing and recording electronic music, selling automobiles, teaching, training volunteers, and running a recording studio. Dave values clear communication and responding quickly to those who need technical issues resolved ASAP. He will also be instrumental in developing SOPs and training guides and videos.

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Get to know Dave

1. Have you ever had a nickname (or two)? If so, what are/were they?

Both my nicknames were associated with radio shows I hosted: The Uncle Go Go Show and CPR with D.C. Washington.

2. When you were 8 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I was enjoying being a child so much – playing with friends, etc. – that I’m pretty sure I didn’t want to grow up! But I do remember wanting to join The Monkees.

3. What about ALL4 has surprised you the most?

Everyone here is so cool and down-to-earth and welcoming.

4. What was the most memorable Halloween costume you ever wore?

That would have been Santa Claus (I know, wrong holiday…).

5. Stick shift or automatic?

The first new car that I bought was a 1986 Hyundai Excel GLS with a manual transmission. But I’ve been driving automatic for decades.

6. Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

A toss-up between Paul Harvey and Vince Papale.

7. Do you have any hidden talents that people you meet would not expect?

I have an extensive amount of music trivia knowledge, including knowing the flipsides to many singles.

8. What would you like to become known for at ALL4?

The guy you can always count on.

9. If you were stranded on an island, what are three things you couldn’t live without?

A wind-up radio, a guitar, and a ukulele.

10. What is the one thing that most attracted you to ALL4?

ONE thing? I will narrow it down to two: A combination of the environmental services we provide and also how much the employees are valued.


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