ALL4 Provides Digital EHS Solutions Services to Clients

ALL4 Provides Digital EHS Solutions Services to Clients

ALL4 is now offering Digital EHS Solutions as part of our suite of consulting services.  Founded in 2002 with a focus on air quality consulting, ALL4 has expanded into arenas based on clients’ needs, strategic acquisitions, and the growth of our team of experienced consultants.  Today, ALL4 offers a full spectrum of environmental, health, and safety (EHS) consulting support to industrial clients.

Our Digital Solutions Practice consists of EHS and IT subject matter experts that help clients focus on solutions that allow them to better track, benchmark, and optimize their business and compliance programs.  The team specializes in solving challenges associated with harmonizing business practices across large multi-operating unit organizations by implementing enterprise-wide EHS compliance tracking. They effectively bring different data streams together to support key performance indicator (KPI) tracking, including business, EHS, and quality (EHSQ), sustainability, or other environmental, social, and governance (ESG)-related metrics.  The team also helps organizations in developing or refining their digital strategies, including preparing business cases for system selections and implementation and providing guidance around the vendor selection process.

“Over the past nearly two decades we have grown our scope of services from air quality-focused to broader EHS services by adding key subject matter experts and in turn have expanded our role within our clients’ EHS Teams,” says Colin McCall, ALL4’s Chief Technical Officer. “We are extremely excited to grow the Digital Solutions Practice because it continues the trend of growing alongside our clients, ties the services of our nationally-recognized subject matter experts together, and allows us to assist our clients in new ways as they proactively plan for the business EHS data needs of new priorities such as Environmental Justice (EJ) policy and ESG initiatives.”

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