Air Quality Permitting and Planning for Data Centers

Air Quality Permitting and Planning for Data Centers

Category: Webinar
Date: August 4th, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM Eastern Time


This is the second webinar of our Data Center series and it will present tips for air permitting strategy and process.  This session will provide key steps and considerations to obtain or modify an air permit for your data center, applicable to new builds, expansions, or revisiting existing permit conditions.  The presentation will also include specific air permitting examples from multiple states to highlight how the requirements to permit the same project can vary by location.

Main topics will include:

  • Timing for Permitting Considerations
  • Choosing the “Right” Engine Before Permitting
  • Air Pollution Control Equipment – Do I Need It?
  • Planning Ahead for Operational Flexibility
  • Suggestions for Faster Permit Issuance
  • Maintenance Hours and Other Permit Nuances
  • I Have My Permit, Now What?


Data center professionals with design, construction, and operations roles.  Those with environmental recordkeeping and reporting responsibilities (e.g., corporate and site environmental staff, site management, environmental specialists, etc.) will benefit from both this session and future webinars.  Construction managers, electrical contractors, generator manufacturers and vendor representatives, will also find value.  Feel free to forward this invitation along to your colleagues. 


Data centers are a relatively new and rapidly growing industry, and invest a lot of money to build the perfect site to attract clients. These facilities balance visitor experience with competitive $/kW pricing, all while remaining focused on their mission to consistently host the world’s internet traffic. Understanding the importance and steps of air permitting is crucial to meet construction and occupancy schedules, estimate project budgets, purchase equipment, and minimize risk of non-compliance.


Trisha Victor, Managing Consultant // // 571.325.0517 


Amy Marshall, Technical Director // // 984.777.3073


Certificates of attendance will be available upon request after completion of the webinar.

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