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Posted: May 1st, 2016

Author: All4 Staff 

A week or so ago one of our Project Managers asked me to get on a call with our client and a regulator in an Upper Midwestern state where we’ve done a reasonable amount of work over the past few years.  There were some unique aspects to the permitting but nothing too far out of the ordinary.  As we introduced ourselves on the call, the regulator immediately replied that he was familiar with ALL4 as he had visited our website and seen a number of the technical articles and blogs that we put out and that he found them very informative and valuable.  It was pretty cool to hear this, but not completely surprising to me.  ALL4 puts out a lot of technical information as well as other details about our company and our people.  All of our staff are actively engaged in this process that is managed by our RegTech Operations Group. 

This sharing of information is consistent with our vision of shaping environmental responsibility and, as a company, we see great value in sharing what we know and what we are experiencing in the hopes that it will help others, or possibly just provide a little entertainment.  However, we also don’t shy away from the fact that that there are additional reasons for this sharing.  First, it builds credibility for our company and our consultants when we do perform work in new states or locales (as evidenced by my story above).  Second, we know our competition reads our stuff.  Why do we put our intellectual capital out there for our competition to learn from, and sometimes even “borrow” from?  Because we are a growing company and we feel that when consulting professionals see the depth and quality of our technical expertise and when they experience the lighter side of our blogs that provide a window into our culture, that they may think – ALL4 could be a place for me!  (p.s., we are hiring, check out our Careers page.)  Third, we are writing about those areas that we think are important to our clients and prospects so that they can also see the need at their facility, and either they contact us to help them or they welcome the conversation when we contact them about the needs that we see for their facility.

Do we know who is looking at our material?  The answer is a resounding – YES!  

So welcome clients, regulators, future clients, and, yes, even our competition.  In exchange for the great content, you shouldn’t be surprised that if you’ve been reading our stuff, you may well receive a call from someone at ALL4 reaching out to see if there is any place you might be able to use our help – that is us living our vision statement of shaping environmental responsibility AND it is our intentional commitment to growing our business! 


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