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What’s New with AP-42: Updates to the AP-42 Chapter 7.1 Organic Liquid Storage Tank Guidance

Posted: August 24th, 2020

Authors: Rachel H. 

Global pandemic or not, the wheels of progress keep turning and along with it, air quality permitting and compliance.  We all understand how important it is to keep on top of your facility’s reporting requirements, permitting deadlines, and general compliance obligations.  ALL4 understands that industry in general is likely experiencing an anomaly in their operations like never before, including fewer operational hours, a remote staff, or temporarily changing production lines to meet the rapidly changing needs of the world.  It’s more important now more than ever to streamline activities that result in leaner operations.  ALL4 has developed a tool to do just that.  The United Stated Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) emissions factor resource for Organic Liquid Storage Tanks (AP-42 Chapter 7.1), has undergone three updates since November of 2019, and ALL4 is on top of each revision.  The ALL4 team has developed a spreadsheet-based tool (Storage Tank Calculation Tool or Tool) that performs storage tank VOC emission calculations in all levels of complexity.  The Tool is designed to expedite projects, adhere with the guidance of AP-42 Chapter 7, and provide clients a full understanding of the revised VOC tank emission calculation algorithms.

We understand that this time of uncertainty can mean tighter budgets for many facilities and likely greater reliance on staff resources.  We also want to be very clear that ALL4 is operating (although from our homes) in business as usual mode. We can step in and expedite your permitting process by saving hours of regulatory review and spreadsheet development around storage tank emissions. Our team developed has the Storage Tank Calculation Tool to calculate VOC emissions associated with complex storage tank operations, but it can be pared down to perform simple tank calculations as well.  We have a team of experts who are knowledgeable about storage tank emissions and regulations that are also intimately familiar with the tank emissions algorithms that are used in the Tool to be sure your deliverable complies with agency requirements.  Because of the transparent nature of the Tool, we are able to make real-time updates as new versions of AP-42 are released.  The newest being June of this year.  Many competitors have created advanced models that can complete these calculations, but their response to updates is slow and cumbersome because of complex background coding.

The Tool is meant to handle complexity, but also meant to share the knowledge.  It’s a Microsoft Excel© calculation spreadsheet that is transparent with how the calculations are performed.  When you choose ALL4 to help with your needs, we will share a complete picture of how the equations incorporated into the Tool meet regulatory requirements.  This includes a PDF version of your calculations with footnoted references to AP-42.

As you begin to plan timelines for permit renewals, RY2020 emissions inventories, and various other 2021 reporting, please keep in mind the tools that ALL4 can offer.  If you have any questions or want to get in touch, please reach out to me at 281-937-7553.


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