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What’s in a Name?

Posted: September 29th, 2014

Author: All4 Staff 

We are growing!  As a result, we need more amazing people.  So, I recently posted a job position, on LinkedIn, for Project Managers in our Philadelphia, Atlanta and Houston offices…which got me thinking (very dangerous).  What’s in a name?  

I’m not trying to explain away my secret love (no need to worry hubby) for a family enemy.  I just want to get a little philosophical – Can we really rely on a name or a couple of words to describe who we are or what we do?  Take, for example, our job titles.   At ALL4, we have an amazing team of Project Managers.  If you were to research that term (a fun activity in your spare time), you would find this Wikipedia definition, “A project manager is the person responsible for accomplishing the stated project objectives.”  What does that tell you?  Nothing.  So what do they really do at ALL4?  They are trained problem-solvers and so much more.  They are fearless leaders, mentoring staff and supporting their clients.  Our project managers are entrepreneurs who are inspired to build their own brand.  They take ownership and are accountable, dedicated to ongoing learning and open to feedback.  Detail-oriented and authentic, these project managers are passionate towards professional and personal growth, providing high-end, strategic, air quality consulting.  Go ahead; try putting that in a title.

Here’s another example.  I am not a Project Manager.  I am the Strategic Relations Director.  What the heck is that??  Well, to put it simply, it all comes down to building strong relationships.  I’ll compare it to the art of baking, (which I never, ever do).  It’s a rather easy recipe for success, and it’s delicious with clients, employees and even prospects and recruits… it all starts with an ingredient called trust (turn to page 23 for that recipe).  Once you have that, seek to truly understand their needs. Then add: do what you said you would do, when you said you would do it. Next, sprinkle:  exceed expectations (if you have the ingredient available). When you’re finished, ask for open and honest feedback, also known as:  taste and adjust accordingly.  Hmm, maybe my title should be The Relationship Baker.

So as I make a passing reference to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet while comparing the art of relationship building to baking, I ask you this: Does your job title truly explain all that you do?  If it does, maybe it’s time to try a new recipe and take on a challenge that offers you many more opportunities than just your title.

Check out our careers page and our job posting on LinkedIn to learn more about the opportunities at ALL4.


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