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Turning 15!

Posted: March 23rd, 2017

Author: All4 Staff 

I am the proud father of a 15-year old son at home and the proud “father” of a 15-year old company.  I love observing my son in his life journey as he is figuring himself out through the teen-age years.  He is building on the foundation that my wife, Julie, and I have provided (all credit goes to Julie…) and he is creating his future!  The tangible growth that I see is in the form of complete independence with his schoolwork, handling his own laundry, and maintaining a relatively clean bedroom.  When I asked him about all these changes that we were witnessing, he responded, “I don’t think I am changing, I’m just carrying on with what Mom and you have started.”

That response caused me to think about my other 15-year old… ALL4.  Are we “carrying on what John, Kevin, Dan, and I started?”  To answer that question, it took me back to two of the most impactful videos that I have watched.  First, Simon Sinek introduced me to the question of WHY with his thought provoking TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”.  I was then moved to better understand our WHAT and how it connected to our WHY through Michael Jr.’s “Know your Why” Break Time video. 

After watching those two videos, I promise that I am not going to compare ALL4 to Apple, I’m certainly not going to try to connect Martin Luther King, Jr. to any ALL4 Principal, and, lastly, anyone who knows my musical abilities knows that I can’t clap to the beat much less sing like E. Daryl Duff!  But, that doesn’t make ALL4’s WHY any less important.  You see, ALL4’s WHY is to make an impact.

To make an impact together…

  • on the environment;
  • for our clients;
  • in the communities where our clients are located;
  • for each other; and
  • in the communities where we live and work. 

As Michael Jr. says, “When you know your WHY, your WHAT is more important.”  At ALL4, we seek to help build thriving communities by strengthening the industrial base of our country while concurrently embracing a safe and healthy environment.  We do this by shaping environmental policy, regulations, and permits that benefit both the environment and our clients.  At ALL4, we seek to build a collection of talented people doing amazing things for our clients, for each other, and for the communities that we each call home.  We do this by creating a culture that attracts experienced environmental consultants, and presents an opportunity for new engineers and scientists to connect our country’s technical advancements with improved environmental quality for the benefit of all. 

Are we making an impact?  I think so!  Are we inspiring others?  I hope so!  What I do know is that we are not done, and we remain committed to carrying on the WHY and WHAT of ALL4 that we embraced in 2002 when we started!  

I look forward to tracking the progress of “my two 15-year olds” over the next 15 years.


This article is available as a podcast on ALL4’s Air Quality Insider


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