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Training for the Marathon: 4 Rules Compliance

Posted: February 8th, 2013

Author: All4 Staff 

4 Rules Friday is a series of four blog posts highlighting key aspects of the final 4 Rules (i.e., Major and Area Source Boiler MACT, Nonhazardous Secondary Materials, and Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration).  Please refer to the graphic for each blog’s posting date.

In the environmental regulatory arena, it feels like the 4 Rules have been a series of sprints – followed by a pulled hamstring!  From the June 2010 proposals to the March 2011 final rules to the December 2011 proposals and to the January/February 2013 final rules, there have certainly been starts and stops along the way.  With all four rules now published in the Federal Register, facilities can start preparing for the next race – but this one is a marathon, and it culminates with the finish line being to achieve compliance.  The marathon that is the “final 4 Rules” can be found here:

Over the last four Fridays we’ve discussed how each of the final 4 Rules may impact affected facilities.  (Miss a post?  Don’t worry – links are provided below.)  So why have we been providing all of this content?  To quote our mission, “ALL4 operates under the premise that the success of our company is measured by the success of our clients.”  The answer is simple – we want our current and future clients to be successful.  Whether you’re a seasoned expert in the rules or you’re just learning about them now, we want to help you run the 4 Rules marathon and cross the finish line to achieving compliance.  If you already know how your facility will comply, we want to help you with the air quality permitting that will likely be necessary to install pollution control equipment.  If you need to determine which subcategory your unit falls under or even which rule it will be subject to, we want to help you with the applicability determinations.  What specific questions or concerns do you have?  We’d love to discuss them with you.

The 4 Rules represent a significant change in the way hundreds of thousands of boilers, process heaters, kilns, and incinerators operate.  We’ll continue to train for the marathon by providing valuable content via our blog and 4 The Record newsletter, and we’ll be holding a training webinar series for all in May.

The complete 4 Rules Friday series is provided below:

Good luck with your 4 Rules marathon and let us know if you need a training partner… our program has already started!


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