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Top 5 Complaints of Consultants (Outside of ALL4)

Posted: September 8th, 2015

Author: All4 Staff 

Warning: This blog is for entertainment purposes only. This is not a technical blog; I’m not going to tell you about a specific regulation that you may be worried about and all the things you need to do to prepare. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate the humor…

Part of my responsibility at ALL4 is finding awesome air quality professionals (easier said than done).  I’ve had several conversations with recruiting prospects over the past few years and have compiled a substantial amount of data (yes, data…I knew that would catch your attention).  I created an algebraic equation, utilizing the multiplicative inverse property, averaging the sum and dividing by 189, which led me to the successful identification of the top five (5) complaints of consultants; perhaps, as you know by now, we roll differently here at ALL4, so I’ve also included a brief description of how the unique culture of ALL4 provides a refreshing perspective to the world of consulting. 

5.  Annual Performance Reviews – Ah, yes the antiquated approach of “dealing with” employees once a year.  Rather than continually inspiring professional growth and engagement, this often broken, ineffective process feels one-sided and simply serves to check-off a box.  It can lead to resentment or, even worse, leave you feeling deflated.  Employees don’t know which is worse – having reviews impact compensation or going through the process knowing salary adjustments have already been determined.  No doubt, feedback is always appreciated, but once a year is just not enough.  Let us tell you about our Create the Year meetings, quarterly planning, monthly check-ins, and continuous coaching process…

4.  Just a Number – You don’t feel like your contribution is valued – you’re just one (1) of many.  You work hard on projects but are disconnected from the company and its success; you don’t feel like a stakeholder.  Where’s the appreciation and recognition?  Here at ALL4, we value our employees and that’s clearly demonstrated by our competitive salaries and ongoing pursuit of best-in-class programs and benefits, such as 100% employer-paid health insurance, various meal programs, gym memberships, beer club, and a snack closet that’s filled to the gills with yummy goodies.  In addition, our appreciation is communicated to our team through a monthly accolade program, creative spot bonuses, gift cards, tickets to sporting events and amazing cornerstone events like our annual holiday party and summer Crabfest.  We know a simple “thank you” matters too…attend our company-wide weekly meeting and you’ll hear plenty of high five shout-outs to teammates for their tremendous support and accountability.

3.  To Share or Not to Share – You have great ideas but you have learned to keep them to yourself.  You tried to share those ideas to no avail, met only with resistance and attitude.  Maybe someone tried to pass them off as their own to get the credit.  You are now apathetic about the state of things and no longer bother.  (Refer to #5 because you probably shared those ideas in the annual performance review meeting.)  We are empowered and fearless at ALL4; we make it a point to share what we know and capitalize on our efficiencies, reaping the benefits of collective thought and synergy.  Have a great idea?  Stop by a principal’s office; their door is always open.

2.  Managing Billable Hour Targets – Your billable hour targets are monitored weekly, maybe even daily.  Therefore, investing in your professional growth, like speaking at a conference or attending a trade association meeting, is discouraged because you may not hit your weekly target…unless you want to make that time up over the weekend.  We don’t play that way. Yes…billable time is important; however, we recognize that our team should be treated like the professionals they are.  Billable targets are reviewed each quarter so that our staff has flexibility when managing their own hours and schedule. A big part of our culture is our dedication to continuous improvement, which means investing in our employees and supporting opportunities that expand their technical abilities.

And finally…drum roll please…the #1 complaint from consultants is that they need more Support – You are tired of training staff who just end up leaving.  Turnover is high, so instead of getting frustrated fixing others’ mistakes you just do the work yourself in the first place…which equates to long hours and lost weekends.  First and foremost, we are a best-in-class place to work, and our employees come first.  That’s why our turnover is so low.  Along with our extensive internal and external training programs, mentoring others is part of who we are and everyone benefits.  In addition, our Reg Tech Operations group provides an organizational structure that pools the collective knowledge of our staff, fostering an environment where learning is shared.

Interested in learning more about ALL4?  We are hiring at our Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. offices. 



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