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The View From a Technical Staff Coordinator’s Perspective

Posted: July 24th, 2012

Author: All4 Staff 

In addition to serving as a project manager, I serve as the Technical Staff Coordinator at ALL4’s Kimberton, PA office.  In this role, I have the opportunity to coach our staff of engineers and scientists as they grow in the organization.  ALL4 has a unique philosophy with regards to hiring young engineers and scientists.  As opposed to the typical “fill an open position” philosophy, ALL4’s approach is to always be looking for good people who would be a good fit in our organization.  It is this approach that has helped us to hire some of the best and brightest young engineers and scientists to serve as part of our Technical Staff.  Their roles are critical to the development of the quality deliverables that ALL4 is known for.  Our Technical Staff is made up of a group of dynamic, energetic, motivated and committed engineers and scientists who have a passion for what they do.  Each of them is regularly challenged with new opportunities for growth and each of them is a valuable contributor to ALL4’s continued success.  Their energy is a key component in making ALL4 a fun place to work and is an essential ingredient in continuing to ensure that ALL4 remains totally client-focused.  I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to work with these talented folks and watch them achieve their goals at ALL4.  I’d like to recognize Tom, Chuck, Meghan S., JP, Ben, Adrian, Christina (our newest addition)…and our Southern Regional Office Technical Staff – Susie, Meghan B., Julie, and Parker for their commitment to making ALL4 a Best in Class Company.  And thanks for occasionally teaching me some cool lingo.  Peace Out…


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