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Sprinkle Some ALL4 On It!

Posted: March 19th, 2013

Author: All4 Staff 

As we approach ALL4’s 11th anniversary, I occasionally get asked what I do at ALL4 – especially now that we are 35 people and have multiple offices.  Some folks may say that I “don’t do much” anymore… but I would compare my role here at ALL4 to that of Old Bay seasoning.  First, for full disclosure, I am a huge seafood fan and Old Bay is a staple in my house, in my office, and is the driving force behind our annual CrabFest.  I put Old Bay on just about anything!

Old Bay started as a seasoning for seafood… mainly crabs and shrimp.  And, just like Old Bay, my role at ALL4 started out as mainly providing air quality support.  But as ALL4 has grown over the past 11 years, so have my roles and my responsibilities.  Just like how Old Bay seasoning now markets itself as being “great on seafood and great on everything else”, my main role of providing air quality support has grown to encompass a little bit of “everything else” here at ALL4.

This analogy of Old Bay also applies to how ALL4 supports our clients.  Some clients use ALL4 for complex air permitting projects (great on seafood), while others sprinkle us around on all of their air media needs – or even other environmental projects (great on everything else).  No matter the type of project, or the role that we serve for our clients, our core values or “spices” of ownership and authenticity do not change!  We continue to focus on what’s made us successful: building strong relationships, expanding our technical knowledge, and attracting and retaining amazing people.  So the next time that you are looking for an environmental consultant, sprinkle some ALL4 on it!

P.S., check out my latest find for Old Bay – Old Bay wings.  They are awesome! 


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