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(Re) Introducing Cycle4ward!

Posted: August 26th, 2011

Author: All4 Staff 

The best kept secret about ALL4 used to be EnviroReview, our customized monthly environmental regulatory update product. But thanks to the efforts of Annalise Matulewicz, Kristin Gordon, and the rest of the EnviroReview team, more and more clients have been exposed to the value of EnviroReview. So what is the new best kept secret at ALL4? Well, we submit that it is ALL4’s sister company Cycle4ward. And just like EnviroReview, we intend to bring Cycle4ward front and center so that the benefits offered by Cycle4ward can be considered by ALL4 clients. Since Cycle4ward has been around for seven years, here is a re-introduction to Cycle4ward and a discussion of what services it can offer for you. 

Cycle4ward was formed in 2004. ALL4 principal John Egan receives the credit for conjuring a name that dovetails with Cycle4ward’s original mission, the recycling of industrial byproducts or waste from one facility forward to another facility, where the byproducts could be used as a raw material or even fuel (cycling material forward, get it?). In theory and in practice, this repurposing of materials has been extremely beneficial for companies trying to solve a disposal issue and companies looking for an alternate source of materials or fuel. 

The key individual at Cycle4ward has been Mike Luybli. Mike’s career experience at a cement manufacturer that utilized a variety of waste streams as alternate fuels established him as an ideal candidate to provide the practical and creative solutions that are often needed when a facility needs a home for its by-products or wastes. As an example of Cycle4ward’s success, Mike was asked about helping a power plant with its calcium sulfate-based scrubber waste material. For years the scrubber waste material had been landfilled at a significant cost to the facility. Mike’s first task was to evaluate the analytical properties of the scrubber waste material. Analytically, the material was essentially gypsum. Mike then looked through his Rolodex (actually it was his Outlook Contacts list) and identified a contact that could use this “synthetic gypsum” as a raw material. A few operational changes and some environmental agency correspondence completed the process and what was once a waste with a landfill cost was now a new raw material with a cost less than the virgin raw material.

Mike has done his job so well over the past couple of years that in order for Cycle4ward to continue its ability to grow, ALL4 principal Dan Holland recently joined Mike to handle some of the operational burden. Both Mike and Dan intend to reach out to ALL4’s clients and contacts to explore whether there are unrealized opportunities concerning the manner in which materials are handled, processed, or generated at their facilities. As an ALL4 client, how would your job be simplified if you did not have to worry about that storage pile of off-spec product/material sitting on your property every other month? Or, what would the ramifications to your company be if an alternate fuel could provide you with increased operational flexibility and a cost savings as well? Mike, Dan, and other ALL4 Project Managers are ready to discuss these questions with you and start the process that could solve a nagging problem and result in beneficial conclusions for all parties involved. 


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