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RACT 2 – T Minus 2 Months 2 Go

Posted: August 24th, 2016

Authors: Christina L. 

You have likely heard about RACT 2 at this point, but you may not have yet acted on what you’ve heard. Human nature is bent toward procrastination. We get it and that’s part of why we’re here. The proposal deadline for RACT 2 submittals is quickly approaching whether you’ve been proactive about it or not and you may need to evaluate its applicability to your Facility, develop documentation for a proposal, submit said proposal to PADEP, and potentially modify your Facility’s operating permit.

That’s a lot to accomplish in two short months.

RACT 2 proposals are due to PADEP exactly two months from today (i.e., October 24, 2016). Never heard of RACT 2? Don’t know what RACT 2 is? Not sure if it applies to your Facility’s operations or not? With an eye toward the looming deadline, here are the TOP TWO things your Facility needs to do now to comply with RACT 2:

  1. Determine if RACT 2 is applicable to your Facility. Are you a major source of NOX and/or VOC per 25 Pa. Code §121.1? If so, you will need to submit a RACT 2 Proposal. Not sure? ALL4 can help you determine if your Facility is a major source of NOX and/or VOC.
  2. Give us a call. You are quickly running out of time to submit a RACT 2 Proposal. Let ALL4 help you.

For more information regarding RACT 2, check out our RACT 2 Toolbox – a one-stop-shop for all things RACT 2. If you have any questions about developing a RACT 2 proposal, please reach out to me at (610) 933-5246, extension 135, or at cgiannascoli@all4inc.com.


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