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PA Climate Policy Roadmap

Posted: July 9th, 2020

Authors: All4 Staff 

Pennsylvania ranks as one of the top five energy-producing states in the nation, and yet is simultaneously proactive when it comes to promoting clean energy generation, reducing energy consumption, achieving phased greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals, and encouraging the adoption of climate change adaptation and reduction strategies across multiple sectors. In this article, we will discuss the various factions at the state level that are shaping Pennsylvania’s climate future and the formal actions that have been taken to date by those parties; the Pennsylvania Climate Action Plan and the state’s GHG emissions reduction goals; the eight sectors within Pennsylvania that are currently targeted within the Climate Action Plan as contributing to the state’s GHG emissions profile, and the various strategies and actions (both sector-specific and cross-cutting) those sectors are encouraged to take to reduce the state’s overall GHG emissions; and the role of the regulated and voluntary carbon markets with respect to Pennsylvania facilities.

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This article appears in the July 2020 issue of EM Magazine, a copyrighted publication of the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA; www.awma.org).


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