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New to Air Quality or All4 Inc.? Well so am I.

Posted: June 19th, 2017

Author: All4 Staff 

Never in a million years would I have thought there was so much that went into Air Quality. I guess the average person takes for granted all that’s regulated and expected into keeping our air clean. What I’m learning is that reaching out to that expert can be like your own insurance policy that everything is going to be within the rules and regulations that apply to your operations guidelines (a little CYA if you know what I mean). Have you ever thought you could do something based on a video you searched and watched online? Then 2 hours later you end up hiring an expert that specializes in that specific field? Yeah, me too. What did I learn from that? Besides the realization I’m definitely not a Plumber? I also learned that I can’t be an expert in everything and that it’s okay. Plus, I learned the hard way that I will never get those two hours back of my life again.

Here’s the deal, why not get it done right that first time before you end up paying more for an experiment, or roll of the dice? Not only that, why not allow ALL4 to do the heavy lifting for you? This way you can focus on other things. What things? How about the items that are on your ever growing to do list! You know to do list I’m talking about, the one you start thinking about late at night when you’re lying in bed and can’t fall asleep. I don’t know about you, but my time is valuable and it’s the only thing I never seem to have enough of.

I recently joined the ALL4 team and I have to say I’ve been very impressed with the company as a whole, from start to finish. My recruiting and on boarding process was professional and well-conceived. This coming from someone who has worked with some amazing organizations like MCI WorldCom, AT&T and Cox Media Group. Not only was I recruited and hired by some great organizations, I‘ve recruited and hired for those organizations as well. ALL4 really pulls out the red carpet and at the same time is very cautious about making the right choices for their team. Why is that important to you? ALL4 is making a conscious effort to go above and beyond in all areas of their business, starting with the recruitment and hiring of their employees. Why do we do this? A deliberate effort to provide our clients with first class service and create strong relationships all starts with hiring great people. You have to be an “ALL4 fit” to provide the quality and service they expect and I’m honored I made the cut.

What do I plan to bring to ALL4? Experience, 20 years of Sales Experience. I’ve worked in different industries B to B, B to C and everything in between. I specialize in a Consultative approach and have been very successful in my career by building long standing and trusting relationships with my clients. I communicate what’s in the best interest of their company and business. I initiate the “hard to have” conversations when I need to. I have impeccable follow through, if I have a deadline with you I will fulfill that deadline and if there is any kind of delay I will communicate with you. My job is to make the clients and the companies I work with successful and I will work my tail off to do just that. I take personal ownership in serving your company to the best of my ability and have a tremendous amount of pride in building my personal reputation.

You may have an existing Consulting Company that’s been good to you, you may be happy. What I can tell you is that you never know how “good”, good can be. I want the opportunity to show you great and be great for you! I chose ALL4 and I think you should take that leap too!


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