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Meet Heather Horvath

Posted: November 23rd, 2020

Authors: Heather H. 

Heather Horvath // HR Director // Philadelphia Office

As HR Director at ALL4, you’re serving at the helm of the ship. 2020 has been an atypical year, what has impressed you the most in how ALL4’s employees have handled the pandemic?

Our employees’ resiliency – they have done a fantastic job in controlling the things they can, while adapting gracefully to the things they cannot control.  What is top of mind for me is that employees are dealing with all of the pandemic uncertainty while continuing to serve our clients, and each other, at a very high level. I’m very grateful for that!

Speaking of which, you are someone who has an “attitude of gratitude”. As we approach the Thanksgiving season what are some of the things, you’re grateful for this year?

An overwhelming number of things this year…personally, for my family’s health, that my husband and I have maintained employment throughout the pandemic, and now more than ever, having personal touchpoints with family, friends, and colleagues. Professionally speaking I’m grateful that ALL4, my employer, gets “it”. By “it” I mean HR – ALL4 is a people-driven business and our leadership team understands, and embraces, the idea that ALL4’s people come first. I think when an organization adopts this stance, it set us up for success. Like any company, sometimes tough decisions need to be made, but I always feel that these decisions are not made in a vacuum. People matter here!

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One of your passions is travel which you and your family have not gotten to partake in this year…what’s on the Horvath family’s travel bucket list?

Too many places to list. I can’t wait to travel again internationally and look forward to taking an ‘active family vacation’ hiking and biking throughout either the Czech Republic, Ireland, or Switzerland. Domestically, I’d like to experience Big Sky Country (Montana) and visit Glacier National Park.

The HR Team is currently leading feedback training sessions for ALL4 employees. Paint a picture of how organizations, and employees, thrive in a culture of feedback.

A culture of feedback empowers a culture of trust. A high trust culture creates an engaged workforce where employees care for one another and don’t want to let their teammates down. If you connect the dots, a culture of authentic feedback provides efficiencies and drives personal and professional growth. I truly see it as a competitive advantage!

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

My choice of coffee mug each morning is directly tied to my mood. The two must be in sync. Another fun fact is my husband and I have a standing date that we build our schedule around – every Sunday morning, no matter the weather, we take a 6-7 mile walk.

You’re an avid reader, what books currently have your attention?

I’m a fan of historical fiction so that is a genre that you’ll always find on my bookshelves along with plenty of beach reads. I’ve also been ‘flexing’ my reading muscles in this digital age and taking suggestions from booklists on new authors and genres. Two books currently on my nightstand and that have my attention are “Dear Mr. You” by Mary Louise Parker and “Everyday Bias” by Howard J. Ross.


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