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Georgia EPD Update

Posted: June 11th, 2012

Author: All4 Staff 

While attending recent training, Jac Capp, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GAEPD) Air Director, presented insightful information on several air quality issues and initiatives in Georgia.  Mr. Capp first provided a status update on the timeliness of permit applications and Title V renewals.  He cited that in 2006, GAEPD had 400 total pending applications of which 90 were older than one (1) year and 30 were older than 18 months.  As of April 2012, these same statistics reflect 218 total pending applications; of which nine (9) are older than one (1) year and six (6) are older than 18 months.  Mr. Capp then updated the ozone situation, mentioning that there are currently nine (9) ambient air monitors in the Atlanta area with five (5) of these monitors meeting the standard.  He then provided updates on several initiatives at GAEPD including:

  • GAEPD staff is preparing new prevention of significant deterioration (PSD) application guidance that describes how to submit a complete application, emphasizes resolution of issues early in the process, and establishes a primary point of contact at GAEPD; 
  • The staff at GAEPD is working on making state-wide pre-processed meteorological data and background ambient concentrations available, with a late 2012 availability goal;
  • GAEPD is in the early stages of revamping the Title V application software, which will become a web-based system, with a 2013 target completion date; and
  • Finally, Georgia has passed new legislation that allows an applicant to pay a special fee for an expedited permit review.


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