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ERT and CEDRI: What the Heck Is It and How Does It Impact You?

Posted: December 20th, 2015

Authors: Kayla T. 

You may have heard the terms Electronic Reporting Tool (ERT), Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface (CEDRI), or Central Data Exchange (CDX) flying around lately and possibly thought to yourself, “Great, more acronyms. Exactly what the environmental compliance world needs.” But what do these terms really mean and should you be concerned?

DEFINE: To follow suit with the computer-age that is among us, U.S. EPA is transitioning certain forms of reporting to an electronic platform, also known as “E-Reporting”.  All E-Reporting shares a common home-base, which is CDX.  Reports are submitted to CDX using CEDRI.  Furthermore, some reports must be prepared using ERT before they can be uploaded to CEDRI.  Still with me?

EXAMPLES: Reports that currently have E-Reporting requirements include:

  • Performance test results
  • Continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) relative accuracy test audit (RATA) results
  • Notifications [e.g., Notification of Compliance Status (NOCS)]
  • Compliance reports

I know what you are wondering next – does this impact me and my facility? That may be a hard question to answer with the guidance that is currently published.  As such, I’ve developed a flow chart to assist you.

If you fall to the left of this chart, here are your next steps:

Call me.  Why?  Because we can help you with any and all of your electronic reporting needs. We have a dedicated team, which I lead, who are experts in the world of E-Reporting and all of the oddities that come with it.

Merry Reporting!


email: kturney@all4inc.com
phone: (610) 933-5246 x143

P.S. We are also developing an E-Reporting training program and would love your feedback.  What topics would you like to see in a training program? What issues have you encountered with E-Reporting?


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