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EnviroReview – “A Change Is Gonna Come”

Posted: May 13th, 2014

Author: All4 Staff 

Bob Dylan said it best, and I’m referring to EnviroReview, of course.  Many of you know us by now, we believe in straight talk.  That’s just who we are and it’s apparent – internally with our team and also with our clients.  So in that spirit, I’ll explain why we are changing EnviroReview and how it’s happening.

When EnviroReview was created, like any other ALL4 project, our main focus was to solve our client’s problem.  The client’s challenge was that they couldn’t keep up with all of the changing environmental regulations.  So we provided the solution; a customized, multimedia regulatory report that we called EnviroReview.  Once we had developed this report, created by our dedicated team of consultants, we recognized that many other clients needed this same support.  So we decided to “Go Big” (well, except for the price).  In order to compete with those automated subscription services, we had to offer EnviroReview at a price that didn’t even cover our developmental costs.  Our reasoning was that we would eventually capitalize on internal efficiencies and develop enough clients in the same jurisdiction to realize a profit.  To explain where we are with realizing that profit, I’ll quote another well-known song, “Slow Boat to China” by Mike Ragogna.  Catch my drift? 

What we have realized through this journey, no pun intended, is that many of our EnviroReview clients need and value the strategic consulting that we have always offered and that is core to ALL4’s vision.  So we will continue to provide that multimedia regulatory support; it’s just not going to be packaged as a subscription service.  As with all of our projects, the multimedia regulatory support will be client-specific, managed and handled by one of our project managers, and the cost will be reflective of our effort.  We’ll continue to help our clients navigate through all of those ever-changing regulations and, most importantly, how those changes impact their facilities.

This shift from a subscription service to client-specific, regulatory support, further attests to our dedication to our clients.  Our focus has always been to understand our clients’ most challenging environmental needs, and to continue to provide strategic solutions.  So farewell to the subscription service formally called EnviroReview.  “It’s been a long time coming,” says Bob Dylan.  Right on Bob, right on.


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