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Don’t Fall out of Compliance with RACT 2

Posted: August 18th, 2016

Authors: Christina L. 

Summer is practically over, fall is almost here, and Halloween costumes are already out. Although your local retail stores are prepared for October, are you?

Your facility’s RACT 2 proposal is due in nearly two months on October 24, 2016. If you followed our submittal outline and completed your RACT 2 proposal, congrats. Now you have ample time to start thinking about your Halloween costume.

Do you have a Title V Operating Permit (TVOP) and think RACT 2 doesn’t apply to your facility? Why don’t you read the rule over once more to be sure and consider including appropriate language within your TVOP to avoid any potential confusion with PADEP.

If you are beginning to feel scared of submitting your RACT 2 proposal or alternative petition prior to the looming deadline or are frightened that you may be misinterpreting something, let us know. We have completed countless RACT 2 applicability determinations, submitted numerous RACT 2 proposals, and answered some of your most FAQs.

For more information regarding RACT 2, check out our RACT 2 Toolbox – a one-stop-shop for all things RACT 2. If you have any questions about developing a RACT 2 proposal, please reach out to me at (610) 933-5246, extension 135, or at cgiannascoli@all4inc.com.


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