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ALL4’s: Is That Your Final Answer?

Posted: June 29th, 2011

Author: All4 Staff 

Last Month’s Answer and Winner:

Proving that you have to be quick to win at “Is That Your Final Answer,” Bridgette Rillema identified ice cream as the correct answer to May’s question concerning the pulp and paper industry and a cool summer-time treat. Just minutes after Bridgette’s e-mail arrived, correct answers from Scotty, Steve, Brian (who provided a very complete answer), and Hobie also popped up, which only underscores just how important a quick internet connection can be. 


June’s “Is That Your Final Answer” question consists of a visual clue.  Eric Swisher, ALL4’s resident continuous emission monitoring (CEM) and stack testing expert was discussing the pros and cons of manual and continuous emission testing methods with a group of engineers at ALL4.  When he showed them the picture to the right, no one could believe that Eric was old enough to have actually used one of these.  What is the emission testing equipment in the picture called?


Please e-mail your answer to final.answer@all4inc.com.  Include in the e-mail your name, answer, and address (to receive your prize).


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