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ALL4’s: Is That Your Final Answer?

Posted: November 29th, 2011

Author: All4 Staff 

Last Month’s Answer and Winner:

Proving that there is a core following of the “Is That Your Final Answer” questions, the first two respondents to our October question were repeat winners. But following the first two respondents by mere minutes was Ursula Lofton of Hyundai Motors and thus she becomes our 10th winner eligible for the December year-end drawing for a $500 American Express Gift Card. Ursula correctly identified Cycle4ward as the ALL4 sister company providing waste repurposing and alternate fuel services to our industrial clients. Congratulations to Ursula and thanks to all of those who participated.


Well we are down to the final two questions for this year’s “Is That Your Final Answer.”  And for November’s question, we begin by apologizing to America’s poet laureate Mr. Philip Levine for our meager attempt at the most basic form of rhyme, the limerick.  Our limerick describes equipment that is likely present at more than 95% of our clients’ facilities.  What is the piece of equipment described below?

For weeks it will sit unattended
Only used while a boiler is mended
While the RICE does apply
Applicability slides by
With no permit obtained as intended

For a hint, see the January 2011 4 The Record article written by Ron Harding.  Good luck!


Please e-mail your answer to final.answer@all4inc.com.  Include in the e-mail your name, answer, and address (to receive your prize).

The final answer feature of 4 The Record is designed to test your knowledge across the environmental field, quiz you on the building blocks of air quality rules, stump you on ALL4 general trivia, and challenge you with brain teasers that have perplexed us.  The first correct answer e-mailed to us will qualify the respondent for free ALL4 gear and will enter the winner in our end-of-the year “Final Answer Championship.”  The subsequent month’s 4 The Record will identify the winner and the correct answer from the previous month’s question.  You must be an active subscriber of 4 The Record to win a monthly prize and be eligible for the championship prize.  ALL4 employees and family members are not eligible to compete.  Hope you enjoy this feature and good luck!


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