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ALL4’s Is That Your Final Answer?

Posted: March 25th, 2013

Author: All4 Staff 

Last Month’s Answer and Winner:

It was an interesting month for answers to February’s “Is That Your Final Answer” question.  As you may recall, the question involved how much money I had in my pocket if I had one of each coin or paper bill with a president’s likeness on it and a currency date of 2011 or later.  The range of answers suggested that I had anywhere from $105,086.66 in my pocket, which sadly is not the case, to $90.66, which is closer, but still not correct.  The correct answer is $87.91 and includes the penny, nickel, quarter, fifty cent piece, nine presidential coins (where the release date is indentified on the side of the coins), and the one, two, five, twenty, and fifty dollar bills.  Since frequent correspondent Scott Kirkpatrick of NewPage was the closest at $90.66 he is being credited as the winner.  So congratulations to Scott.


The recent publication of the Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) standards for Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Boilers and Process Heaters has received significant attention by the regulated community (ALL4 has provided presentations at recent Boiler MACT conferences and will be hosting our own webinar series beginning in May).  Prior to being issued as final, the Boiler MACT standards underwent significant litigation that was conducted via the U.S. Court of Appeals, also referred to as the U.S. Circuit Court.  Assuming that there will be more litigation along the way, our March “Is That Your Final Answer” question asks how many Circuit Courts are available to hear potential Boiler MACT suits and what is the most likely district to the hear a potential suit.  Good luck with this month’s question.


Please e-mail your answer to final.answer@all4inc.com.  Include in the e-mail your name, answer, and address (to receive your prize).

ALL4’s Final Answer is a monthly feature of our Blog Digest.  It is designed to test your knowledge across the environmental field, quiz you on the building blocks of air quality rules, stump you on ALL4 general trivia, and challenge you with brain teasers that have perplexed us.  The first correct answer e-mailed to us will qualify the respondent for free ALL4 gear and will enter the winner in our end-of-the year “Final Answer Championship.”  The subsequent month’s Final Answer will identify the winner and the correct answer from the previous month’s question.  You must be an active subscriber of ALL4’s Blog Digest to win a monthly prize and be eligible for the championship prize.  ALL4 employees and family members are not eligible to compete.  Hope you enjoy this feature and good luck!


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