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ALL4’s Employee Spotlight: Adrian Ciacci

Posted: May 6th, 2013

Author: All4 Staff 

Each quarter ALL4 will interview one of its employees highlighting some of their careers and thoughts about ALL4.  This quarter’s employee spotlight is on Staff Scientist Adrian Ciacci.

What one piece of advice would you give to college students looking for a position in the consulting business?

Express to potential employers that you are capable to taking on more than one task at a time with specific examples.  Working in the consulting world often means operating at the threshold of comfort.  Practice juggling not only multiple work or academic tasks but also your personal life.

What are your roles at ALL4?

My primary role at ALL4 is a staff scientist.  I work on a variety of projects for clients mostly in support of our project managers.  I am involved with a number of ancillary roles within the company.   I write entries for and serve as an editor for EnviroReview.  I am a part of the 4 Rules Initiative team which monitors the advancement of the Major and Area Source Boiler MACT, Commercial/Industrial Solid Waste Incineration, and Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials rules.  As an initiative team, we educate ALL4 staff and our clients on the these four rules.  Finally, I write press releases for major events and general happenings at ALL4.

What do you like best about your career?

I like the variety and pace of my career.  I work on very few projects which are exactly as the other.  Additionally, things happen very quickly in the environmental consulting world.  While there are cyclical, busy times during the year, I have yet to run into a period of time in which I did not have something on my plate.  There is always something to do or something to learn.

Keeping it real, what do you not like about your career here?

I have not won a beer club yet.  I want to win a beer club. 

What was your biggest challenge in your first year?

My biggest challenge in my first year was getting used to being on the client’s schedule.  This can go a couple of ways, but in general, it is difficult accepting that sometimes you need to get a deliverable done with minimal input or even information from your client.

What was your biggest surprise since joining ALL4?

My biggest surprise has definitely been being able to go on a run during lunch.  I never envisioned being able to take a step away from work for an hour and enjoy the outdoors.

Why did you decide to join ALL4?

I decided to join ALL4 because of the diversity of work they offer and their commitment to making their employees feel appreciated.  It goes beyond making us feel appreciated though.  ALL4 genuinely cares about who works for them and wants to give them every opportunity to succeed.

Which ALL4 employee is most likely to make you laugh?

Most everyone has a sense of humor at ALL4, but if I had to choose one person it would probably be J.P.  (ask him about his interest in bushes).

Give me an example of an event, system, or person that best represents the ALL4 culture, and why.

ALL4’s dedication to feedback and specifically quarterly reviews best represent the culture at the company.  They want you to know how you are doing and how they can help you get to where you want to be as much as possible.

What are you most looking forward to about the warm summer months?

I am looking forward to opening the windows in the basement; it’s getting a little funky down there and I don’t mean George Clinton.

As a member of the Tech Staff that likes to keep it classy (with respect to your wardrobe), where do you get your fashion sense from?

Bill Nye

Aside from yourself, who do you think is the best dresser at ALL4?

I’ve got to go with Ben.  My man is always looking fresh.


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