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5 Tips for Efficient Reporting

Posted: March 23rd, 2015

Author: All4 Staff 

Deadlines. We have all had them and hated them. Unfortunately missing a deadline to a state or federal agency is undoubtedly a much bigger issue than missing your calculus homework deadline in college. January, February, and March are three of the biggest deadline months for ALL4, with Title V compliance certification reports, annual emissions statements, and mandatory greenhouse gas reports due for almost every facility that we work with.

As reporting season comes to a close I asked the Technical Staff members at ALL4 to share tips from their reporting season.

  1. Always make sure that that you have all of your client’s current account and password information in advance.
  2. Discuss reporting schedules, deadlines, and expectations at the start of the reporting process.
  3. Always have a back-up plan when submitting data electronically to account for the occasional computer glitch.
  4. Clearly identify reporting obligations, schedules, and deadlines to all reporting team members.
  5. Double check computer and software compatibility between reporting entity and agency prior to submitting data

What was the most important thing the Technical Staff learned this year that will help ALL4 with next year’s reporting season? Start early. The best practice is to gather information for your facility throughout the year.  By gathering data throughout the year your facility will have all of the information it will need to report with time to spare! Feel free to comment below with your facility’s reporting tips!


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