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Air Quality Compliance

Providing the highest level of air quality compliance support available to our clients is part of the underlying foundation of our company.  People working in all business sectors talk about the concept of “ownership” and as a result it often seems like another buzzword.  For us at ALL4, the concept of ownership is very real and very practical.  When we work with our new hires to develop this ownership mentality the example is simple.  You are not just here working on a report for this facility Kansas, you are the manager of the plant and this report to the agency will impact the success of your facility, the owners, and all of the employees working there.  We preach this mentality to our new folks and live it with the seasoned - along with the notion that if our clients are successful, we’ll be successful.

So what air quality compliance services does ALL4 provide?   Pretty much the full gamut, from evaluating rule applicability to managing complex emissions testing programs to serving as expert witnesses in litigation proceedings.  The following highlights the typical categories of air quality compliance support that we provide to our clients:

Title V, New Source Review (NSR) and State Permit Requirements

  • Monitoring, Recordkeeping and Reporting Systems and Support
  • Annual Emission Statements 
  • Semiannual Deviation Reports 
  • Annual Compliance Certifications

Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) Standards

  • Compliance Plans 
  • Regulatory Applicability Assessments 
  • Initial Compliance Demonstrations
  • Startup, Shutdown and Malfunction Plans and Operations Monitoring and Maintenance Plans
  • Affirmative Defense Support
  • Deviation Reporting

New Source Performance Standards (NSPS)

  • Compliance Plans 
  • Regulatory Applicability Assessments 
  • Startup, Shutdown and Malfunction Plans 
  • Emission Testing Management 
  • Planning and Coordination

Process Monitoring

  • Reporting 
  • Continuous Monitoring Systems 
  • Compliance Assurance Monitoring 
  • Pollution Control Evaluation and Feasibility

Emissions Testing

  • Procurement of Testing Firms 
  • Program Management 
  • Test Protocol/Test Plan Development 
  • Test Method Consulting 
  • Agency Representation

Other On-going and Emerging Programs

  • NAAQS modeling and compliance
  • Regional Haze 
  • Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR/CATR/CSAPR) 
  • Ozone  
  • Mercury 
  • Alternative Fuels 
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

Emission Trading Programs

  • Acid Rain 
  • NOX SIP/NOX Budget 
  • Risk Management Program

Compliance Program Solutions

  • Environmental Software 
  • Database Solutions 
  • Monitoring, Recordkeeping, and Reporting Systems 

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