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4 The Record

4 The Record is a monthly publication of ALL4’s RegTech Group, brought to you by EnviroReview, that contains articles on hot technical and regulatory topics.


ALL4 Air Quality Modeling Update

April 2014 | Dan D.

As it’s been over a year since my last air quality modeling-related 4TR article, I thought it appropriate to provide a general status report on the air quality modeling updates that have occurred over the last year.  There are a number of items that warrant discussion around their updates and the potential impacts on the regulated community...

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SO2 NAAQS Implementation: The Great American Update

March 2014 | Colin M.

Since the 1-hour sulfur dioxide (SO2) National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) became effective in August 2010, ALL4 has been tracking it every step of the way.  Its implementation has proven to be chaotic at times and quiet at others.  As we are ramping up into our air regulatory reporting obligations for 2014, U.S. EPA’s implementation of the 1-hour NAAQS is ramping up as well.  This article will discuss where the 1-hour SO2 NAAQS has been, where it is going, and what you can do to plan for 2014 and beyond.  Before we can look forward, we need to revisit how we got to this point.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Boiler MACT Energy Assessment

February 2014 | Lindsey K.

Congratulations!  You’ve made it through the first year of planning for compliance with the Major and Area Source Boiler MACT rules.  That means there are two years left for major sources to come into compliance by January 31, 2016 (or January 31, 2017 for those who requested and received a one-year extension), and just shy of two months left for area sources to come into compliance by March 21, 2014...

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