ALL4 Pulse

ALL4 Pulse is a centralized software tool that tracks compliance at the facility, regional, and corporate levels.  Designed to allow users to evaluate permit conditions and regulatory compliance, Pulse can alert you to upcoming compliance deadlines, generate checklists, track audit and inspection lists, and much more.


  • Air Log
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Waste Tracker
  • Inspections
  • Compliance Calendar


Air Log

Key Benefits

  • Develop a comprehensive list of site air emission sources
  • Digitize each compliance requirement, operating and emission limits, recordkeeping and reporting schedules and assign responsibility/frequency
  • Setup customized pollutant emission factors
  • Establish an Electronic Integration with Automatized On-Site Data Collection Systems (CMS)
  • Export Data for Agency Reporting (ex. Create a Custom Report in the format needed for government reporting that is populated with data from AirLog and sent to the reporting agency via an automated XML data upload)

Sustainability Reporting

Key Benefits

  • Track unlimited number of resource usage and custom sustainability metrics (e.g. water, fuel, electric, gas, paper, etc.) across multiple sites
  • Conduct trending and analytics of consumption, costs, and emissions
  • Review auto-calculated CO2 emissions based on built-in standardized emission factors and protocols
  • Automatic notification of anomalous resource use and cost increases

Waste Tracker

Key Benefits

  • Track waste from generation to disposal with automatic email notifications and alerts
  • Manage waste collection points, containers, and storage areas
  • Establish standardized waste profiles at the site and enterprise level
  • Trend and analyze waste volumes, costs, and more at the site and enterprise levels
  • Generate annual waste reports to meet regulatory requirements and internal reporting needs


Key Benefits

  • Customize inspections storm water, hazardous waste, safety inspections
  • Assign inspection frequency & responsibility across a site, including automatic email reminders
  • Identify findings & corrective actions and export to the Benchmark Action Tracking System for assignment & closure
  • Mobile app allows online and offline capabilities

Compliance Calendar

Key Benefits

  • Log, assign, and track regulatory compliance needs through a single, intuitive interface
  • Standardize compliance management and maintain an institutional memory of regulatory task completion
  • Schedule unique & recurring tasks with ease – from upcoming inspections to routine maintenance
  • Communicate efficiently with auto-generated notifications
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook

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